11 Spring Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

Does your calendar read spring cleaning time? Well, if you have experienced spring cleaning before then you probably understand how tasking and tedious it can be. It entails doing a very thorough cleaning of everything; including dismantling and washing selected fixtures. At times, you might find that your house still has some unpleasant smells and sights even after going through all that cleaning. That can be attributed to one or more spring cleaning mistakes. Here, you will get some common mistakes and suggested solutions for you to ensure easy yet thorough spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

# Mistake 1: Not using the right cleaning products

There are very many cleaning products in the market. Each one of them is designed for particular purposes. For example, if you are cleaning a hardwood part of the floor a mixture of cold water and ammonia can remove greasy stains with ease. However, the same cannot be used for dye stains that require a high concentration of chlorine bleach. It is prudent for you to select multitasking products like vinegar so that you don’t need to change your cleaning agent every time.

# Mistake 2: Mixing bleach with an awful lot of cleaning agents

Bleach is a chemical and mixing it with other cleaning agents might be risky to your health. Particularly, bleach mixes with ammonia products to form chloramine; a toxic gas that causes nausea, coughing and wheezing at low concentration. At higher concentration, it can damage your lungs. Similarly, a mixture of bleach with an acid cleaner (like vinegar and toilet cleaners) is equally dangerous. Therefore, save yourself a doctor’s appointment by avoiding such mixtures. Always stick to the pure form of a cleaning product.

# Mistake 3: Not using the right cleaning tools

Some cleaning tasks require specialized tools and equipment. Choosing the wrong ones can expose you to risks and even prolong your cleaning program. For example, if you use dirty old clothes as cleaning materials, they might leave behind some unpleasant smell. At the same time, there are some places that you might not be able to reach without equipment like a step ladder. Therefore, make sure you identify such tools in advance and avail them before you start your spring cleaning program.

# Mistake 4: Not wearing the right clothes

Spring cleaning is comparable to an intense calorie-burning workout. That mans it is a very exhausting exercise that needs you to be in very comfortable attire. Do not wear attire that is too tight to give you adequate room for flexible movements and at the same time avoid very big clothing that can drag dirt, dust and your cleaning tools and products to unwanted places. Also, do not skip the goggles as they are very great in protecting your eyes against potential dangers like oven cleaner, bleach, and other cleaning products.

# Mistake 5: Not having a cleaning plan

One major mistake that might compromise the efficiency of your spring cleaning is poor planning. You might think that you have finished cleaning but then end up finding dirty cloths, places, dishes, and others. Avoid such an eventuality by laying down a comprehensive plan. Make a list of the Dos and Don’ts and organize all the Dos in a priority order. That way, you will ensure that you attend to the most urgent and tasking first when you are still very energetic. Leave the easy chores for last. Remember to tick every complete step.

Spring Cleaning Mistakes

# Mistake 6: Neglecting hard-to-get-to places

If you have completed spring cleaning but realized that your house still smells dirt, there is a possibility that you neglected one or more spots. For example, kitchen tops are known to accumulate grease while cabinets are hosts of dust and small debris. Other places that you can easily forget to clean include backs of electronics, light fixtures, switches, and sockets.

# Mistake 7: Scheduling your spring cleaning for a single day

This factor might vary depending on the size of the household (the size of the house and umber of dwellers in it). If you consider your household to be anything from average to big, do not make the mistake of straining yourself to clean it all in one day. Follow the principles of divide and conquer. That way, you will be energetic enough to be keen on small details.

# Mistake 8: Trying to handle uncluttered piles

When you are trying to clean and move piles of things at the same time, you might exhaust yourself for no good reason. Start by dividing piles of things that need to be cleaned into smaller portions and then handle one at a time. That way, you will be able to see substantial progress, and that will encourage you to continue cleaning. Furthermore, it will save you some energy that you would otherwise spend in moving the piles from one place to another.

# Mistake 9: Not cleaning the fridge

Spring cleaning should involve everything that can be cleaned; including your fridge. When food has overstayed, it might start producing bad smell in the house even when you have cleaned every other thing. Furthermore, it might be a source of health hazards. Therefore, when you do spring cleaning, remember to give your fridge some attention as well. Remove all the food that is not needed and clean all the sections thoroughly.

# Mistake 10: Not sourcing for help when you can

It is a mistake to strain yourself with plenty of spring cleaning tasks when you can get assistance from family or friends. You can even hire a professional if you feel the need for one. All you need to do is to ensure that you manage the whole cleaning process, and that means you are the one to delegate chores as you see fit. If you are dealing with kids, they might come in handy when you need someone to pass you some cleaning products and tools.

# Mistake 11: Poor timing

Timing is very important as it will determine how much time you will have to do spring cleaning. Do not schedule your cleaning time to coincide with other important events (like visits from family and friends). Always allocate enough time (preferably when you are fully free and available) so that you don’t handle it as a crash program.

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