6 Common Curtain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Curtains are wonderful, they make our homes look much better and almost everybody has them in their houses. Most people tend to assume that curtains do not get dirty and for this reason they will not bother cleaning them. They could even go for months while they are still dirty. Those who know that curtains ought to be cleaned probably do so thinking that they are doing the right thing while in fact they are not. Curtain cleaning mistakes are always there and almost everybody is a victim of this except for a few people. Below are the 6 common curtain cleaning mistakes that you should try as much as possible to avoid;

6 Common Curtain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

1. Not Cleaning Your Curtains Frequently.

This is by far the most common curtain cleaning mistake that you will come across. Some people tend to think that curtains are resistant to dirt since nobody is using them. They will therefore wash the curtains once a year and they will only do it as a formality. Curtains should be cleaned as regularly as possible. Most curtains are usually made from material that will attract dirt and dust but will not be easily visible. This will provide a suitable place for germs and other disease causing organisms to thrive which will pose serious risks to your health.

2. Using Unsafe Cleaning Products.

There are very many cleaning products out there and not all are safe. When curtain cleaning, people will select the cleaning product without paying much attention to its toxicity. Curtains are usually made from different fabrics compared to the ones found in our homes. Some of these curtains will react with these cleaning products and they can be very unhealthy especially for people who have respiratory problems such as asthma. Choose your cleaning products carefully and try as much ass possible to go for those with the least toxic levels.

3. Poor Moisture Control During Dry Cleaning.

When cleaning the curtains most people will not pay a lot of attention to the moisture levels. The assumption that curtains are similar to other types of clothes is what causes this. Poor moisture control will lead to shrinkage in the curtain and tight creasing. This could damage your curtain a lot such that you may stop using it in future. When dry cleaning care should be taken to ensure that everything is just as it is supposed to be so as to avoid any curtain cleaning mistakes.

4. Rushing.

Believe it or not this is a mistake that most people will find themselves committing even when cleaning curtains. If you are always in a hurry to get your cleaning done so that you can attend to other chores you will probably damage your curtain. Curtain cleaning should be a well planned activity since it is a delicate process. Check whether you have the cleaning products and equipment needed to carry out the cleaning first. This will make the process much smoother and your curtain will not have stains or creases as a result of quick curtain cleaning.

5. Using The Same Technique To Clean Curtains Made of Different Fabrics.

Some people will assume that all curtains are the same and they should therefore be cleaned using the same way. They will therefore clean all their curtains using the same method which may yield dissatisfying results. Curtains are made of different fabrics. We have curtains made of silk, cotton, viscose and other types of fabric. Some curtain cleaning techniques such as dry cleaning are appropriate for viscose and silk curtains. Before you clean your curtain it is important you know the fabric that it is made off and the best cleaning technique to use.

6. Not Hiring a Professional Curtain Cleaner.

In this age we now believe that we can do everything ourselves. The truth however, is that we are limited in our understanding of the different fabrics used to make curtains and how to clean them. When we clean our curtains ourselves we are bound to make mistakes. Hiring a professional curtain cleaning company to do the cleaning for you is probably the best way to go. They have the expertise and the equipment needed to carry out the cleaning without damaging your curtains or making avoidable mistakes.

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