7 Danger Of Hiring Illegal Freelance Cleaner in Singapore

Singapore being a well developed country with a very vibrant economy tends to attract immigrant workers from all over the world. These workers are categorized as either skilled professionals, semi-skilled professionals or un-skilled professionals. There are thus some requisite rules and regulations that one must follow so as to legally employ a foreign employee whether a domestic worker or a doctor. 

7 Danger Of Hiring Freelance Cleaner In Singapore

For low cadre employees such as cleaners, some people tend to override the legal requirements and go ahead to engage freelance cleaners. Here are 7 reasons why you should not hire an illegal freelance cleaner. These include but are not limited to;

As an employer you risk Jail term and fine  
The MOM has made it quite easy and simple for anyone to report or provide information on any illegal deployment or employment of foreign workers. Chances of your getting reported, arrested and arraigned in a court of law are quite high. If you are found guilty, you face the risk of a jail term, fine or both. It is worth noting that most freelance employees when arrested are usually more than willing to cooperate with the authorities.

Your Employee risks a jail term, fine and deportation
In most instances, your employee will be found guilty of being in Singapore illegally, will be either fined or jailed or even both. He or she will be subsequently deported to his country of origin and you will now be forced to get another employee through the legal channels; something you should have done from the onset once and for all.

The employee may not have a valid R pass 
Under the employment act of Singapore, cleaners fall in the category of unskilled professionals. They must get a renewable R pass work permit. It is worth noting that in Singapore, there is a well laid out process on how an employer can apply and get a work permit on behalf of an employee before he or she commences to work with you. There is also a ceiling on how many foreign workers you can have at any given time, depending on the kind of pass you require for your employee.

You deny the government levies such as Foreign Worker levy
The government of Singapore in a bid to shore up its revenue streams expects each and every employer of foreign employees to remit a Foreign Worker Levy (FWL); this is in essence a pricing control mechanism that has been put in place so as to functionally regulate the demand for foreign workers in the country. Failure to remit such funds to the government is both unpatriotic and illegal. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has some well laid out procedures on how to apply for and hire foreign workers legally.

An Employee may fall sick or develop some other complications while working for you
Generally, there are certain benefits that such an employee will enjoy if the relationship is legal and well formalized; these include issues pertaining to Rest Day, Public Holidays, Sick leave, Annual Leave, Hours of work and subsequent overtime and annual wage supplement and a host of other variable payments. There is thus a formal path that an employer can follow when an employee falls sick, or is involved in an accident when working. A freelance cleaner will have none of the above and you may end up bearing the costs when he is either injured, sick or causes some damage or harm to a third party while working for you.

You endanger the well being of your family and loved ones
Because freelance or illegal workers lack proper paper work and documentation, it is almost impossible to vouch for their integrity, values and honesty. It is thus possible to hire a crook that may harm your family members or loved ones and then disappear or even steal household items. This is especially so when you have children or elderly people around your home. Chances are that they will disappear without a trace and the authorities will not be able to assist you much when such a thing happens to you.  

Ignorance is no defense
Many people, both employers and employees tend to claim ignorance when the long arm of the law finally catches up with them. Employers usually claim that they were either unaware of the status of the employee or that they were provided with false papers. Employees who have been nabbed on the other hand tend to claim that they were not aware about the need to have a work permit for unskilled labor. Legally, your ignorance or lack of knowledge is no defense and both of you will face the full force of the law in court. It is thus important to acquaint yourself with all requirements needed before hiring or seeking employment.


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