7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Housekeeping Service

If you are looking for a good housekeeping service you should never fall into the temptation of selecting somebody simply because they gave you the cheapest quote.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Housekeeping Service

1. There must be a reason why they are offering their services so cheaply.

For one, once you give them the job they may pressure you into paying them more, they probably do not have insurance cover and if they damage something they will not be able to replace it or the equipment and chemicals they will be using to clean your home are cheaper and of low quality. You get what you pay offer and you should avoid this basic mistake.

2. Selecting The Housekeeping Service Without Any Referrals or Testimonials.

A lot of people will hire housekeeping services without getting comments from past clients. The housekeeping companies can say almost anything about their past jobs. In some instances it may be true but there are people who will lie to your face. Before you hire the services of any housekeeping company make sure you get comments or testimonials from somebody who has worked with them in the past. This will help you know what it is you are getting yourself into.

3. Being Vague About The Specific Cleaning Duties In The Quotation.

In very many cases you find that people hire housekeeping services without paying attention to the specific duties and roles that the service is supposed to provide you with. This can lead to a lot of problems between you and the person doing the housekeeping since they may fail to perform some duties claiming that they are not part of the job description. Ensure that the contract clearly stipulates the duties that the housekeeper is supposed to provide you with and the price quotation. This will help ensure that there is no reason for disagreements to arise later on.

4. Choosing A Housekeeping Service Without Making Comparisons.

Some people will hire the first housekeeping company that they can find. This is a mistake that you can easily avoid by being patient and carrying out a bit of research. You should not compare the different housekeeping companies based on their prices alone. You should check the finer details such as how many times in a week do they do their cleaning, the number of cleaners per team, additional services that the firms provide, whether there are discounts, the equipment and the chemicals they and other similar questions. This will ensure that you choose only the best company.

5. Choosing A Housekeeping Company Without Asking For Documented Proof.

This is a dangerous mistake and it can be your undoing. Before you hire any professional company make sure that they provide you with documents that show they are legitimate. Many people assume since the company has a working telephone and a website it must be real. This is not usually the case and some may be criminals or they are operating illegally. This could put your life in danger or you could be the victim of a crime.

6. Hiring A Housekeeping Service Based On A Single Telephone Call.

The number of people who do this mistake is actually quite high. They make a call inquiring about the housekeeping services that the company is offering and they give them the job. You should not do this. Talk with the person and invite them over to your home. There you can show them the work that is expected of them and get a quote from them. If you finalize your deal over the phone a lot of important details may be overlooked and lead to problems later on.

7. Selecting House Cleaning Services That Do Not offer a Money Back Guarantee

If they say that they do not offer a money back guarantee then you should run away from that housekeeping service as fast as you can. Saying so shows that they are not sure of the quality of the services that they offer. Hire companies that offer money back guarantees. This is because the companies that offer guarantees are usually sure of the services they offer and they know that you will have nothing to complain about once they are done cleaning.

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