7 Tips On How To Cleaning Leather Sofa

Leather is no doubt a popular choice when it comes to furniture. Learning how to keep your leather sofa sets clean is very vital. The use of the commercial leather cleaners is a common practice but as an individual, you have to know more than that to keep your home attractive. Before you embark on the process of cleaning your leather sofa seats, you must understand the type of leather used to make them. There some manufacturers who accompany their leather seats with certain tags that have tips that you can use to clean the seats but not all of them. In order to keep your leather sofa seats clean, below are some simple tips for you.

Cleaning Leather Sofa

Dusting your sofa seats

No matter how clean you may think your house is, you cannot completely do away with dust during normal cleaning. As you dust the leather sofa seats, be keen on the cushions. You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove any form of debris hidden within the various parts the seats. After you are through, wipe the seats with a clean soft piece of cloth. This process of dusting is very crucial as it helps avoid some form of dirt that is likely to be left as you go on with the cleaning process. Take care so that you do not scratch your leather seats with the plastic attachments while you are using a vacuum cleaner.

Establish the areas that require more cleaning than the others

At times, your seats might be having some grimy spots. You need to pay much attention to these spots. It does not mean that you completely ignore the other areas. Wipe them with a clean soft piece of cloth to save you some time to concentrate on dirtier areas.

Cleaning of soiled areas of the sofa sets is a must

Regions that haves oil spots need wiping with a damp soft piece of cloth soaked in soapy water. While choosing the kind of soap to use avoid those types that contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate or any chemical related to it. A test spot will help you to determine the effect of the soap on the leather. You should do the test at a spot that one cannot view. Avoid rubbing hard on the seats since it only drives the dirt into the seat. Alternating with a clean piece of dry cloth will help dry the seat at faster rate.

Dealing with mold or mildew on the seats

Many individuals find it tricky when it comes to dealing with mold or mildew on their sofa set seats. The use of a spray of vinegar and water is the best way to keep your seats clean once more. Do not use much of the substance. Doing the application at a fast speed is good for you. It helps you to avoid the soaking of the substance within the seats. Why should you use vinegar and not any other substance for this exercise? Vinegar has the ability to kill any mold that might on the seats and acts as a good disinfectant for this purpose. There are times you may notice some areas are very dirty. To deal with this effectively, you will have to buy leather cleaners. You should keep off from using other chemicals that are not designed for leather cleaning process. These chemicals can lead to the stripping of the seats’ natural oil. Losing of the oil is accompanied by dryness and at some points; the seats will have to crack hence appearing less attractive. The saddle kind of soaps and cleaners that contain natural beeswax are among the most recommended types for this case. The cleaners do not affect the structure of the leather, as they do not easily get soaked into the seats. The use of neats foot type of oil in small amounts can give you the best outcome. Determining the kind of cleaner to use on your particular seat might be tricky but always avoid substance that are likely to affect any kind of leather.

Cleaning Leather Sofa

Determine the effect of the cleaner on the seats through a spot test

You can buy certain chemicals for use but you are not so sure if they are the right ones for the kind of seats that you own in your home. It will be better for to do some spot cleaning at points that are not easily visible. With this, you will be able to tell whether you should go on with the cleaning exercise or not.

Removal of stains on the sofa sets

Stan removal may or may not be possible depending on the kind of the stains that are on the seats. It might be impossible to remove those stains that are so deep into the leather seats. If the stain does not come out while cleaning, do not continue with scrubbing since you may end up damaging the seats. Make use of the right type of cleaners but you find that the results are not the best seeking the help of a professional might be a necessary action for you to undertake.

Excess cleaner removal and the drying of the seats

While cleaning your seats, there are chances that you apply an excess of the cleaner on them. You should not leave the cleaner that way since it will end up like work that was not attempted at all. Make use of a damp piece of cloth to remove the excess cleaner. Take your time to wipe each of the cushions of the seats by rinsing the cloth and doing the wiping repeatedly. To dry the seats, use a dry piece of cloth by passing it over the surface of the seats. After that, you can ventilate the area by opening the door of the window to allow the seats to dry as quickly as possible.

In summary, leather-cleaning exercise is simple when you have the right cleaner. Excessive scrubbing can destroy your seats as well as other substances that are likely get soaked in the seats when used.

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