7 Tips On Keeping Your House Clean

The 7 tips on keeping your house clean will help to understand how small things can play a major role in your overall house hygiene and ways to maintain the cleanliness. Singapore’s hot and wet type weather is just ideal for rapid growth of bacteria or mold. This is definitely not a comforting thing to know as this means we need to be extra careful about keeping the most vulnerable corners of the house clean and bacteria free. So how do you take the extra precaution?

7 Tips On Keeping Your House Clean

Frequently Clean the Toilet As Bacteria Love Moist and Dark Corners

Won’t you agree if we say that toilet is prone to bacteria growth? In apartments, we hardly get sunlight in the washrooms, which is why the place tends to get humid. If you can’t keep your washroom clean and dry due to unavailability of enough time, it’ll surely create an adverse effect on health. The shower place, bath tub, the washbasin – all have to be thoroughly cleaned so that they don’t start to spread bacteria to other corners of the house.

Kitchen Hygiene Should Be of Utmost Importance

You might just have the time to cook the daily meal and serve food to your family at the right time; but, do you give your kitchen sink, top, kitchen cabinets a thorough cleaning at a regular interval? Every time you cook in the kitchen, knowingly and unknowingly you leave food particles here and there which need to be properly cleaned immediately. So, our tips for kitchen cleaning are –

a) Clean the sink and its drain pipe from time to time. You should use bleach and warm water to clean the sink. A sachet of drain cleaner will be enough to keep the sink pipe clean.

b) Wipe the kitchen top well after you finish cooking. The gas area, the inside of the oven and microwave needs to be cleaned depending on frequency of usage.

c) Even kitchen cabinets need some occasional cleaning for keeping them dust free and sanitized.

d) The regular dish cleaning job has to be with perfection as dishes cleaned inappropriately can develop and spread germs easily. Every time you wash them, let them dry and then only stack them. Stacking wet dishes is an unhealthy practice which can make you sick.

Carpet and Sofa Cleaning to Reduce Dust Mites

You need to vacuum your carpet at least twice in a week. This practice makes sure there is no development of dust mites or mold. If your sofa cover is made of cotton fabric, that has to be vacuumed too. If you’ve small children in the house, it’s best to remove the sofa cover and machine wash it once in a while.

Doing Daily Laundry

Regular household cleaning might need you to do some laundry work as well. It can be a very time consuming job. Even when the laundry is done, you need to iron the clothes patiently. If you’re too busy on weekdays, you may have to keep the laundry work pending for the weekends. But, that might turn into a huge pile of clothes if you’ve a big family.

Door, Window and Mirror Glass Cleaning

You need to make some time to clean the door and window glasses of the house. However, this won’t take much time if you don’t let them get too dirty. Try to clean the glasses at least once in a week as Singapore’s highly humid weather can make the dust from the environment stick to the glasses easily.

Cleaning the Window Frames and Sills

You might need a regular clean off in this case to prevent the growth of mildew on the window frames. Take an old cloth, dip it into a fungicide and clean the frame to prevent the frequent growth of mildew.

Keep Things Tidy and Organized

The less the clutter is in your house, the easier it will be to manage house cleaning. You must keep things tidy. That means, you should have books on book shelf, loose papers and documents in folders and all food ingredients inside the kitchen cabinet.

We know it sounds a lot of work sometimes. But, if you can develop a habit of regular cleaning, it won’t get too strenuous. If you don’t have time to manage the cleaning work regularly, hire a full time or part time maid who can at least take the responsibility of the most time consuming and complicated household cleaning jobs.

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