8 Reasons Why Carpet Shampooing Might Be Bad For Your Carpet

Carpets are attractive house decoration investments that are used not only to improve aesthetic appeal but also protect the floor or even hide imperfections. Carpet cleaning is one of those inevitable housekeeping chores that no single homeowner can elude. There are many ways of cleaning carpets ranging from immediate spill removal to vacuuming, steaming and shampooing. Carpet shampooing has become very common especially because it is easy to accomplish and also leads to brighter cleaner surfaces. However, research studies have shown now shown that shampooing may not actually be a good option for cleaning carpets and rugs.

Carpet Shampooing

Here are 8 reasons why shampooing you carpets may be a bad thing for your investments.

1. Shampoos can be corrosive
Shampoos are made of synthetic fibers which do not only pose a health risk to your family and pets but also has the potential to damage carpets. The chemicals used in manufacturing industrial grade carpet shampooing agents have not been comprehensively researched and are quite corrosive. They can permeate the surface of your carpets and do more than just removing stains. These agents can quickly weaken the fibers present in the carpet making them prone to tears and cuts. Although there are natural and DIY shampoo options to use, they only have these negative impacts to a lower level and will eventually weaken carpet fibers.

2. There are many processes involved in shampooing

Unlike other carpet cleaning methods, shampooing is never a one-activity business. You will need to vacuum the carpet before and after shampooing and the wet process means you will let the carpet to dry before using it. Otherwise, the room will be infested with mold and mildew. Shampooing therefore involves vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning, drying and vacuuming again. This cycle of cleaning processes is a quick recipe for degrading the value of your carpets and reducing their longevity. What’s more, you are only guaranteed sparkle but not actual cleanliness since some dirt will remain in difficult areas.

3. Shampoos can bleach carpets

With continued carpet shampooing, a bleaching effect will soon surface and it will be too late to revert the effect. The problem with carpets and many other household fixtures is that you cannot easily determine if the quality is dropping. Shampooing is capable of bleaching out all the surface decorations, patterns and finishes that are responsible for the aesthetic appeal of your carpet. Even the natural variations of green carpet cleaning shampoos contain a small amount of bleach which when used over time leads to corrosion and degradation.

4. Promotes growth of mold and mildew

Shampoos use a wet cleaning technique and more specifically cold water solutions. The biggest problem with such carpet cleaning methods is with drying and airing. It becomes quite difficult to fully dry the carpets especially during cold weather. Shampooing therefore leads to increased moisture below the carpet caused by poor drying. Besides, the machines do not have a drying function integrated in them. With increased moisture, there is a great chance your indoor air quality will be polluted with mold and mildew which have various health risks and also degrade the carpet’s value.

Capet Shampooing

5. The spinning brush “eats up” your carpet

In order to achieve effective carpet shampooing, you will need a shampooing machine which includes a solution tank and spinning scrubbing brushes. One of the greatest advantages of using a shampooing machine is that your carpets will always remain sparkling clean and refreshing. However, some brushes spin with heightened intensity and while this may lead to the desired sparkle, it also wears down the carpet fibers. The carpet can quickly turn from new to old tarnished floor rug with minimal decoration. When these shampooing machines are used with carpets that are not of a very high quality, the depreciation can be annoyingly soon and all the aesthetic appeal of the carpet is lost after only a few cleaning.

6. Shampooing is less effective

There are many advantages that can be listed for carpet shampooing. Nonetheless, all these benefits cannot mask the fact that shampooing is less effective and does not lead to ultimate carpet cleanliness. You may need additional steps to get all the dirt out of the floor. The shampooing machine and process has a tendency to leave soap residues behind. This can attract dirt particles that make the surface dirty almost immediately. While the dirt may not be noticed as soon as cleaning is over, it quickly becomes obvious when the carpet is drying and can be quite demoralizing after such hard work.

7. Water seepage and permanent damage

As aforesaid, wet shampooing involve complete water soaking before working out the leather carpet with preferred shampoo. The downside of this process of carpet cleaning is that water can easily seep below the carpet and in between its pads causing permanent irreversible damage. Water damage is one of the sleekest but quickest which is why most household fixtures are cleaned and aired outside before being returned inside dry. With modern padded carpets, shampooing is probably not the best option to use for cleaning if you want your investment to stay longer.

8. No high temperature cleaning

Dry foam and shampooing cannot be achieved at high temperatures and the process rarely penetrates deep into the carpet layers to remove stuck dirt particles. This method is not suitable for thick expensive carpets as it allows some of the grime and dirt to remain. Besides, the chemical used in cleaning agents is sometimes difficult to completely remove especially where dry foam is involved. It is a known fact that high temperature carpet cleaning is both effective and safe as it eliminates all bacteria and germs killing them through hot steams or liquid gashes. With shampooing, you will probably have a lot of the bacteria still feeding on left over dirt otherwise you need powerful labored vacuuming to tidy up the surface.


Not all shampooing is bad for carpets although there is great chance the frequent use of shampooing will quickly depreciate your investment. It is important to keenly evaluate the type of carpet material and fibers used as well as appropriate cleaning process necessary. Manufacturers will often give instructions on the best cleaning process for any given carpet. The best option is to research modern advanced cleaning methods and other shampooing alternatives available.

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