How Do I Clean A Wardrobe?

Having a messy wardrobe can be a nightmarish experience. It is easy to feel that you have nothing to wear although your wardrobe is crammed up with clothes. The worst bit of it is that the disorder and chaos in wardrobes does not happen overnight. It just creeps in gradually until you finally realize that you have a wardrobe crisis. Sometimes, people opt to push through life with a messy wardrobe because the task of arranging the wardrobe seems too demanding. The good news is that organizing and cleaning your wardrobe does not need to be as energy consuming as your mind would have you believe. In any case, who says that you have to get it all done at once? So set up some time, turn up the music, and get started with cleaning your wardrobe.

Clean Wardrobe

1. Remove every single thing

The very first step in organizing your wardrobe is to remove everything from inside. Lay it all on your bed and appreciate just how much space you have in your wardrobe. Additionally, trying to arrange a wardrobe that still contains heaps of clothes is a work in futility, and you are more likely to give up after a short while. The frustration can truly derail and demotivate you. So, for your own good, get everything out of the wardrobe.

2. Decide what goes where

The next step after emptying your wardrobe is to sort through the mess. Decide what clothes and other items you will keep, what you will sell, donate or simply throw away. This is perhaps the most difficult bit of arranging your wardrobe, because of the attachment that you probably have to your clothes. You need to be practical and reasonable about what items you will keep. No one denies that some clothing items may have special significance in your life. The dress that you were given as a gift by a close friend. That pair of jeans that you really loved when it was new, but which is several sizes smaller right now. That beautiful skirt that you truly cherish, but you haven’t worn it in years because it is has faded a lot. Parting ways with such clothes can be truly difficult; even nearly impossible for some. Yet these items that are no longer functional keep occupying your wardrobe space and you are in dire need of that space.

Clean Wardrobe

Only one thing remains to be done- to get rid of them. In case you are afraid that you will forget how you once looked in a given outfit, why not take a photo of yourself in that outfit, and stick it on your wardrobe? That way, you will always remember it, and you will have an easier time letting go of special and significant clothes that you no longer need. Now that you have probably accepted that some items must simply be banished from your wardrobe, you have to decide exactly where every item will go. Although you might have more options, you generally need to decide what items you will donate, sell or keep in other storage space besides your wardrobe. Get about three bins or containers and label them accordingly. Then place the extra items into the relevant bins. Take time to consider where each item will fit best. Remember, you can actually make some money by selling good clothes that probably just grew too small for you. Or you can help clothe someone in need by donating the extra outfits. But keep in mind that clothes for donation need to be presentable if they are not, then they should be thrown away.

3. Arrange Clothes in an orderly manner

Now that you have fewer clothes to deal with, you are probably more motivated to arrange them nicely. If you feel up to it, you can even splurge on new, classy and quality hangers, preferably wooden ones. You can organize your wardrobe in any order that appeals and is practical for you. In fact, it is best for you to organize the wardrobe in terms of how you think of your clothes. If you think of clothes in terms of function, then you can have work clothes in one place, and casual, stay at home clothes in a different place. If you think of specific items, then you might consider having your trousers, skirts, dresses and tops in different places. You can also try color coding the visual effect is exceedingly pleasant to the eyes. Additionally, refrain from hanging woolen or other woven materials as they might eventually lose their shape. Organize your wardrobe in such a way that you can be able to see everything from afar without having to dig through a pile of clothes when you need a specific item.

Clean Wardrobe

4. Maximize on your space

Put the floor of your wardrobe to good use by arranging your shoes there. Just as with the clothes, get rid of the shoes you do not need or haven’t worn for a long time. You might also consider staggering the shoes in order to create a beautiful visual effect. Staggering simply means that you arrange a pair of shoes in opposite directions. It is a unique and amazing arrangement style. Additionally, stick hooks on the doors of your wardrobe to hang belts and handbags on. Not only will you have a place to store these items, but you will also create a great display.

5. Keep foul smells at bay

Maintaining a clean wardrobe is more than arranging the clothes. You also need to wash your clothes regularly. Additionally, spray your closet often with pleasant smelling spray in order to keep odors at bay.


If you have been constantly agonizing about cleaning and arranging your wardrobe, now you know it is not all that difficult. You can even decide to do a little organizing every day- divide and conquer! You might choose to handle the trousers on one day, the tops on another, the dressed on another and the shoes on yet another day. Slow but sure does it. You also should make a habit of emptying and cleaning your wardrobe every once in a while. Do not allow the mess to escalate into a crisis. Set time to frequently organize your closet and you will probably never have to deal with a wardrobe crisis.

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