How To Clean Glass Windows & Doors?

Glass windows and doors are very common to be found in many houses in Singapore. There are many homeowners using these items for decorating their houses. These windows and doors can be cleaned properly if you know how to do so. There are several cleaning tips that you can use to clean any types of glass window and glass door. These simple cleaning tips are very useful to help you clean these glass items without having any problems. You can also find some natural ingredients that can clean your glass window or door quickly and effectively.

How To Clean Glass Windows & Doors?

1. Use smooth cloth

This is the easiest way that you can do to clean all glass windows and doors inside your house. Smooth cloth is very useful to clean your windows and doors without causing any damages on them. This cloth can remove all dusts or dirt that may build up inside your house. It is a good idea to wipe all windows and doors with your smooth cloth once a day. This cleaning tip is very helpful for all homeowners who want to clean their house every single day. Windows may trap a lot of impurities, such as dusts, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and many other things.

2. Use soapy water and sponge

There are some cases where you may find thick spots on the glass window or glass door. If you have to face this condition, you may want to use soapy water and sponge to clean these spots from your windows and doors. Sponge and soapy water are important items that you should use when cleaning your house. It is recommended that you use high quality cleaning agents or soaps when cleaning your windows. These cleaning agents can be found on the supermarket easily. You should mix these cleaning agents with some water to improve their effectiveness.

3. Apply vinegar

This is a natural cleaning tip for you who want to clean your glass windows and doors. You can use vinegar to clean all items inside your house, including windows or doors. Vinegar is a natural ingredient that has antimicrobial properties. When cleaning your windows, you should use this product to kill all microorganisms that may grow on your windows or doors. This vinegar is available in many retailers or grocery stores in Singapore. It is an affordable product that you can find easily on the supermarket. Try to dilute the vinegar with water before applying it on your windows.

4. Use steam cleaner

This is another great product that you can use to clean your glass windows or doors. There are many steam cleaners that are available on the market. Steam cleaner is a great cleaning product that is safe for all types of glass window and glass door. There are many people using steam cleaner for cleaning their windows and doors quickly. You do not have to use any chemicals when using this steam cleaner. It is a safe product that can help you clean your house quickly and naturally. You only need to have water as the main ingredient when using this device.

5. Purchase the rubber blade

This is another important cleaning tool that you should have before you can clean your windows and doors. This rubber blade is very effective to remove all types of impurities from your glass window or glass door. When using this tool, you also need to use soapy water to clean your windows properly. There are many types of rubber blade units that are available on the market these days. You can simply choose the best one based on your needs. This product is also available in different sizes for windows with different size.

Those are some cleaning tips for all homeowners living in Singapore. It is very important to clean glass window and glass door everyday. Singapore is a tropical country that has a lot of pollutants. You have to clean your house regularly to remove all dusts from your windows and doors. If you do not have time to clean your house properly, you can hire professional cleaning services in Singapore. Choosing the best cleaning service is very important for you who want to clean your house without having any problems. You should take a look at all important things before choosing the best cleaning service for your house.


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