How To Clean Internal & External Glass

A glass is that hard and brittle material which is transparent, sometimes translucent made from fusion of sand and soda lime with additional of other ingredients. Glass has had dramatic usage over the years in many countries. In Singapore, architects and decorators making use of glass in a variety of ways. From internal to external usage such as skylights, in-house partitions, balustrades and even staircases among many other uses. These all makes our surrounding look more attractive and spacious. Singapore has achieved many uses of glass such as for safety and security, in heat and solar control, sound control, in enhancing strength and in providing colors and aesthetics. The best glass deals since 1987 can be found in the Carlton Glass industry. They provide quality glass products, give professional advice concerning glass and they respond quickly to services within Singapore.


Internal use

Industries in Singapore have offered a variety of glasses for internal use. From shower doors, toilet cubicles, staircases and partitions among other uses.

• Partitions

Modern houses have seen their interior design improved by use of glass partitions. Such glasses are made of thick and strong translucent glasses. The glasses prevents noise from the next from.

• Cabinets and cupboards

In kitchens, such things such as cabinets and cupboards are made of glass. They are made in such a way that their doors need only be slide to open. Such cabinets can also prevent food stuff aroma from the cabinet to the kitchen.

• Toilet cubicles

In the toilets, glass has been used on the walls. Such glass is made hard and translucent.

• Staircases

In modern houses and executive offices, glass has been used in making stairs. These types of glass are made of thick hard glass. They are made with rough surfaces to prevent sliding.

• Shower walls

In showers, special types of glass have been used on the walls. These glass act as mirrors.

Clean Internal

• Colors and aesthetics

In interior designs, art glass is mainly used. Glass has been used in studios and entertainment halls bringing out beautiful scenery. These type of glasses are made of mixed colors so that light hitting them bounces back displaying different colors.

• Conference tables

The advanced in glass industry has lead for such things as glass tables. Uniquely sized high strength glass has been used in making tables. These tables are mostly used in conference rooms and executive offices.

External use

For external use, glass has provided a variety of applications from lighting systems to providing safety as discussed below:

• Colors and aesthetics

Tall buildings are made of glass. The glass used here are art glass with colors. The glass is put on the building with a particular pattern that brings out desired look. Such building are very attractive to the eye. Singapore buildings are made with different color glasses making them look unique from each other.

• Strength
Tempered glass, which is 4-5 stronger than normal glass has been used for several external application. They are meant to reduce the possibilities of injuries when they break. Such glass are commonly used in motor vehicle industry for making vehicles panels. Also building industries use glass for same purposes. In manufacturing industries, glass is used in making such things as bottles that are hard to break. Many industries in Singapore have embraced this idea in greater heights.

• Safety and security

For a long time, people have not really understood that glass can be of use when it comes to security and safety. Many houses and offices in Singapore are safe on using glass products. In safety, laminated glass is used in vehicle windscreens to avoid accidents. Special made thick glass can now protect homes and offices from thieves. They are hard to break therefore giving buglers hard time getting either in your house or in office. Advanced technology has made glass such a protective material in vehicles from bullets. Bulletproof glass in our prominent leaders’ vehicles protects them from bullets.

External Glass

• Sound control

In Singapore, glass has been put in many uses such as protecting homes, industrial areas and even offices against sound pollution. Glass has been used in shielding sound from external environment. The most commonly used glass are the double glazed and laminated glass. Laminated glass is made with an improved PVB interlayer, which has been known to absorb a great amount of sound energy reducing its passage. Mostly these types of glass are used in vehicles.

• Solar and heat control

In Singapore, low emissivity glass is used on houses. These glasses helps in keeping houses warm as they reflect heat back into buildings. This approach minimizes the need for constant heating during cold times. Tinted and coated glass products have been used in solar control. These glasses are used control the flow of energy in and out of a building hence can they are used in reducing effects of sun’s heat.

• Lightning

In Singapore, business transactions are throughout the clock. At night, the street lights lit the city making it as bright as day time. The big glass tubes enables bulbs to produce bright lights. Buildings have had their names shinning outside even at night as they are made in glass cases that are light during dark times showing them out. In showing street names, the boards are protected with glass materials.

Cleaning glass

In cleaning glass, both manual cleaning and machines can be used. Vehicle and even house glass can be self-cleaned. For houses and tall building glass, hiring commercial glass cleaning services is the best idea. The use of cleaning machines makes it safe to clean glass avoiding breaking them or making scratches on them.


In conclusion, Singapore has made glass industry such an upper hand. From vehicle, building and manufacturing industries, glass has been used in several ways. Partitioning a house, lighting systems, sound control, safety and security, colors and aesthetics, toilet cubicles, shower walls and staircases among others are the many ways glass is being used in Singapore. When cleaning your glass structures, a lot of care should be taken. However, hiring a glass cleaning agency will help in reducing such cases as making scratches and even breaking the glass, with perfect results.

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