How To Clean Shoes With Toothpaste

Shoes are an essential component of modern life. This is an undeniable fact, despite the difficulties they present with regards to maintenance. No one likes cleaning their shoes, especially white shoes. It takes time and attention to detail, or at least it should for those individuals that actually want their shoes to last a long time. By virtual of the fact that they are worn on one’s feet and are used to insulate one’s feet from the ground, shoes wear out.


While this is an inevitable fact, one can keep that inescapable point in time when they must replace their shoes away by making an effort to keep their shoes clean.

But, what is the best way to clean your shoes? For most people, this sounds like an obvious question with easy answers. After all, so long as you have a piece of cloth, a brush and some water on hand, cleaning shoes is a matter of scrubbing away at the surface in question with as much gusto as possible until all the stains fade and the dirt washes away.

Of course, this presumes that all dirt will give way with prolonged scrubbing. Unfortunately, some shoes are more difficult to clean than others. More importantly, some stains have a tendency to stand their ground, even in the face of corrosive soaps and detergents.

However, just because the stains on your shoe refuse to give way doesn’t give you permission to discard your shoes. Rather, you simply have to get creative with your approach to cleaning.

While most people claim to know the best shortcuts for delivering efficient cleaning to one’s shoes, from using petroleum jelly to applying some lemon juice, very few people have ever thought of applying toothpaste to the issue, and for good reason.

When you talk about toothpaste, people think teeth, as they should. It is difficult for most people to contemplate the idea of using the substance to clean shoes.


+Toothpaste as a cleaning agent

Toothpaste combines a mild abrasive with a detergent (also called a surfactant) as well as an antibacterial, the resulting mixture making toothpaste especially effective for combating stains.

People have been using toothpaste as a cleaning agent for decades, if not longer. The uses of the substance will vary depending on the situation and the imagination of the individuals involved.

Some people have taken to rubbing toothpaste on their fingers in order to eliminate odor from garlic, onions, fish and the like. Homeowners have also been known to use toothpaste to remove stains from clothing and carpets, though this takes some skill, especially when you are dealing with color fabrics.

From removing crayon stains from walls to returning the shine to jewelry, brightening fingernails, defogging goggles and relieving bug bites and sunburn to mention but a few, toothpaste is an all-purpose substance that people have taken to utilizing in all manner of situations with positive results.

As such, it isn’t so much of stretch to contemplate the prospect of using toothpaste to clean shoes.

+Cleaning Shoes with Toothpaste

If you are struggling to remove stains from your shoes, you will find toothpaste to be a more effective alternative to ordinary soap. The mild abrasive and antibacterial ingredients of toothpaste make the substance the perfect tool for fighting stains.


To clean shoes with toothpaste, you are going to need the following items:

1).The shoes you want to clean
2).A tube of toothpaste
3).A washcloth
4).A Toothbrush

Stick with standard toothpaste. Avoid gel; more importantly, do not use toothpaste with formulas primarily designed for whitening and tartar control, otherwise, you run the risk of actually damaging your shoes (depending on the material).


The actual process of cleaning your shoes is pretty straightforward and will include the following:

1).Find an old washcloth and make it wet with warm water. Only make it wet on one corner. You will need the rest of the cloth during the rinsing and drying processes. Do not use too much water. Wring the washcloth beforehand to ensure that it is not dripping with excess water.

2).Add some toothpaste to the wet corner of the washcloth. Do not add too much, just enough to apply to the target area. The idea is to rub the toothpaste in place rather than simply dumping it on the cloth in one large clump.

3).With the corner of the washcloth that is wet with water and toothpaste, begin rubbing the areas of your shoe that are stained. Use small and circular motions. Keep scrubbing until the stain is almost gone before moving on to the next stain.

4). Do not be surprised if you encounter stubborn stains. Not very stain or scuff mark will give way even with heavy scrubbing. In those situations where scuffs or stains resist, you can employ a toothbrush in place of the washcloth.

As with the washcloth, scrub in small circular motions. The bristles of the brush should prove effective against any sticky residue on the shoe. Do not scrub harder than you need to. Some shoes are delicate and you could cause damage.

5).Once you are satisfied with the results, begin rinsing. Wipe any excess toothpaste you find from the shoe with a clean, wet section of the cloth. Remove any dirt you find as well. Give the shoe some time to dry before trying to wear it.

If you did your job properly, the shoe will be free of stains and scuff marks by the time you finish.

You are advised against using this technique on leather, suede or even silk shoes. Such material is quite sensitive and it is likely to absorb any toothpaste you apply.

Where toothpaste can work wonders is with canvas.

More than merely removing stains, when utilized properly, toothpaste can help you reverse the signs of wear, allowing your shoes to retain their shine even as they age. With canvas shoes, though, you need to massage the toothpaste in place for quite a while until it creates foam and lifts the stain from its place.

It is essential that you understand the type of material you are dealing with before applying toothpaste. Some shoes will not react appropriately to this method of cleaning.

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