How To Clean Stains On Solid Surfaces?

Solid surfaces are less of a hassle than clothing and materials to clean, since they do not absorb the liquids or stain of whatever is spilt onto them. The nonporous nature of the solid surfaces thus makes cleaning these surfaces less of a hassle. However, in the event that it does stain, you should know exactly what to do. It is important that you take the right steps to get the stain out right away. So here are some options you could take.


The easiest option that most people take, is to hire a professional to help them do this work. They hire a professional cleaner, to make the work faster for them and easier. This is simple, fast, wastes less of your time, and also ensures that you don’t make the stain even worse by doing the wrong thing. They usually do the work right and you do not have to suffer the treacherous task of having to do it yourself. However, the company may not carry out the task properly, and you may still be left to live with the stain, after paying a hefty price.

There are various other risks associated with using this option, including safety, price, damages, unreliability, etc. Choosing the wrong cleaning company could result in you bringing dangerous people into your home and this could be dangerous to you. Many companies charge a hefty sum, and they do not pay for the any damages their cleaners cause, resulting in a high price for you to pay. There are many bogus companies building themselves everywhere, so the one you choose, if not legit, could do a poor job, or even make the situation worse.

Therefore, it is always better for you to do the work yourself. This would save the trouble. It would take some time, but it would eliminate the risk associated with the cleaning company. No one cares for the thing you bought with your hard earned money, more than you.


So the question here is, what is the right way to get rid of the stain yourself?

Sometimes your countertop gets stained from the residue of food, liquid spills, etc. You may take a list of various measures to avoid the stain, but there is no use talking about the measures you take once the surface is stained. So once the stain has set itself on your surface, and is just there looking ugly, let’s try and remove the stain.

• Find out what type of surface you are dealing with (unless you already know)

The most common surface to get stained is your countertop. No matter how hard you try, there are situations where the surface would get stained. So let’s see what kind of countertops are commonly available in the market; the solid countertops in the markets are classified into three. These are the matte finish tops, semi-gloss tops and high-gloss tops. The cleaning substances you use for each top will vary – they are not usually interchangeable. Glossy surfaces specifically demand a mild type of soap, whilst in the case of matte finish, you would be required to use a more abrasive cleaner, or even opt out to using baking soda.

• Weak stains and mild cleaners

What you have to do here to clean the stain is, dampen a cloth with a mild cleaning solution or an ammonia based cleaner that is non-window cleaning. After you are done, all you have to do is wipe down on where the stain in circles, until you have effectively removed the stain. Once you are done, rinse and clean the cloth you used, before you let it dry. You should repeat this daily for maintenance – this will ensure your countertop is always clean and shiny.

• Stronger stains and stronger cleaners

There are situations where the mild cleaners just won’t do the trick and there is a need for a stronger substance. This is where the stain is deeply set in. These are the tougher stains, where you need to use special cleansers. When you use these special liquids, you have to soak the surface which is affected for about ten minutes. After you have let the substance soak, all you have to do is, get a scrubbing sponge, and then rub the surface in circular motions. NOTE: Do not use floor cleaners or oven cleaners for your counter tops. As they are called, they are not meant for your counter top. These cleaners have ingredients that are too harsh for your countertops and they could diminish the color of your countertops, ruining it completely. Also note not to over scrub the top, as it may scratch your top if you scrub excessively. The saying “too much of something is good for nothing” applies here; too much scrubbing here is not going to do you good.


• Disinfecting your beautiful countertop

Your countertop can be disinfected with a mild bleaching solution. Before you begin using it, dilute it with water on a 1:1 ratio. Then, you have to apply it on a damp cloth. You can even use this bleach to remove the tougher stains. You can also use disinfecting wipes, the disposable kind, if you prefer. After you are done, clean the surface thoroughly.

• Ensure that you rinse your countertop thoroughly

Whenever you can, make sure that you rinse your countertop with water, thoroughly, and then dry it completely. End your routine clean up by polishing your countertop dry, with a clean cleaning cloth. This would make sure that you bring back its old shine and will help you get rid of tough water marks. Before you do the wrong thing, make sure that you read the instructions and guidelines of your countertop manufacturer. NOTE: that you don’t expose your countertop to harsh chemicals, ever. Do not use paint removers, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, lacquer cleaners, or whatever other harsh cleaning chemical ideas you get. If you do accidentally spill any of the above mentioned items on the countertop, use lots of water immediately to clean it up, without letting the chemicals to do any damage.

Ensure that you follow the instructions provided carefully, word to word, to ensure that you end up with success. Ensure protect the surface from harsh chemicals and heat.

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