Odour Removing By Toilet Cleaning

Toilets, as far as humans go, are normally associated with obnoxious, foul-smelling, and repulsive thoughts. Pay-In, community and public-used toilets are even more repulsive and need cleaning on an hour-to-hour basis. This does not make toilets at home better either. The smell, the filthy atmosphere and aura are even more nerve-racking. It may not be the commode per se but even the walls, the tiles, the flooring at times do add to the nauseating atmosphere. Added to this already repugnant odor is the smell of urine, which is nothing but dried ammonia dried defecated matter apart if not properly flushed!

Odour Removing

Well, one cannot do away with toilets. It was, it is, and will be an essential part of every human requirement. It cannot be done away with. Using the toilet is one thing and having it kept clean is another. On the whole a clean toilet is most welcome to any user. The nauseating odor has to be kept away at any cost and proper toiletries and cleaning agents have to used and put in place to ensure this cleanliness.

Various acids, bleaching agents and liquids are being manufactured by the dozen and there is so much of competition in their sales too what with companies vying with one another to ensure that their products are only sold. Bleaching powder is by far the best cleaning agent since not only does it clean and sparkle well but also unlike acids does not bite into the softer and metallic system of the flush conveying drain pipes.

However, for very stubborn stains only strong Hydrochloric acids is recommended. Cleaning toilets with the aforementioned chemicals is not an easy task especially for the cleaner. There is the need for gloves and hand and arm protective gloves etc. Special aprons are also worn during the cleaning process. In the end phenol compounds are applied to remove any last traces of the still lightly pervading foul odor.

You can now safely insulate your house and be confident that you have ensured a safe, odourless and hygienic environment for your family. With the flush of a toilet, microscopic virus & bacteria laden water droplets can be propelled 6 to 8 feet through the air and float around for up to 2 hours. In addition, viruses & bacteria can live for several hours on hard surfaces. What a lot of people do not know is that one in four people leave the bathroom with faecal coli form on their hands.

Odour Removing

Sharing bathrooms with infected people can, therefore, pose a serious risk of infection, making restrooms a veritable 'hot spot' for the spread of disease. The answer to this hygienic threat is an Odour Removal system. It is activated simply by an infra-red sensor as you enter the facility. Air is gently extracted from the bowl via the water ducts into the cistern. From here the extractor fan expels the foul-smelling, virus-and bacteria-laden air through the waste water and into the sewerage where it belongs.

By installing our patented system you can keep your toilet smelling fresh and bacteria free. Our system is silent, and automatically activates with each visit. This means there is no need to switch the noisy extraction fan on, to ensure your toilet is a bacteria, and odour free extension of your living area. No longer will there be uncomfortable odours and hazardous bacteria present in a toilet equipped with a smell remover.

Installing this odour removal is the sanitising solution to making your whole house a living area that's more hospitable, and helps prevent the loss of invaluable space to an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment. Reduce the use of ozone hazardous aerosol agents, such as toilet air fresheners in your household.

Cleaning The Toilet

Cleaning any part of the bathroom is usually an unpleasant hassle, but cleaning the toilet can be the worst of all. This article will attempt to give you a few pointers to make your toilet cleaning experience as pain free as possible.

An important thing to realize is that the more frequently you clean your toilet, the less of a hassle it will be. Long periods in between cleaning times will lead to a buildup of organic materials that can become crusted on and very difficult to scrub off. So, cleaning frequently, ideally about once a week, is probably one of the most important things to do in order to save yourself some trouble

Odour Removing

When cleaning the toilet, the first thing I do is powder every part of it with Ajax or some other form of bleach powder. Then take a wet sponge or rag and wipe down the toilet from top to bottom. This includes the tops and bottoms of the seat, as well as the cap to the part of the toilet that holds the flushing water. Rinse out your sponge or rag several times and be sure to remove all of the powdered bleach from the outsides of the toilet. Now the outside portions of your toilet are thoroughly cleaned.

To clean the inside of your toilet bowl, generously sprinkle more powdered bleach inside the bowl. Then, acquire a scrub brush with a fairly long handle so you can reach inside the toilet bowl without having to touch anything but the scrub brush. Then, scrub all portions of the inside of the bowl. Flush the toilet to get rid of excess bleach powder. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until you have removed all of the buildup in your toilet bowl.

If this does not work, that means the toilet has probably not been taken care of properly, so to unclog the drain, you will have to use a drain auger which is a long, flexible, twisted steel wire thing. Push the steel in as far as it will go, and usually working it, you can unblock the toilet. Of course, if it gets that far, you probably need to train the family how to treat the toilet.

Then get your toilet brush out and put the cleaner in and brush all around and up and down because it will probably be more dirty than usual. You may need to put cleaner in a second time and let it set for awhile before brushing again if it's that dirty. You can get cleaners that are really strong, but for the normal toilet brushing they most likely will not be needed. So brush often and keep the stuff out of the toilet that does not belong there.

These are the two main processes involved with cleaning your toilet. Some people like to add scent freshener or cleanser to the top portion of the toilet so that each flush provides additional cleaning.

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