Office Cleaning Checklist 2015

 An office is very important when it comes to business. This is the place where business transactions are concluded and business owners get to meet with their clients. An office should therefore be welcoming and represent the business brand in the best way possible.

Office Cleaning Checklist 2015

It is important to note that it takes more than just a well laid out office to maintain a healthy working atmosphere and boost productivity among staff members. How clean an office is will to a large extent affect how comfortable you and other in your office feel. A clean office will also speak volumes about you and your business to any visitor who comes in for whatever reason.
To ensure that your office is clean all year round, you need to have your cleaning well planned. A reliable cleaner will in most cases do that for you but you also need to provide guidance as to how you need your office cleaned. Below is an office cleaning checklist 2015 that you can use to ensure that whoever is in charge of cleaning your office does a good job and that you get a clean office to work in throughout the year.

Daily cleaning procedure

One of the key areas that requite daily cleaning is the reception area. This is the first place that any visitor to the office will see and as they say first impressions matter. Individual work stations should also be cleaned on a daily basis as this is the area where the employees spend most of their time in the office and they need a clean environment to function at their best. Below is a list of all the cleaning tasks that should be carried out on a daily basis.
- Vacuum, sweep or mop all floors. Pay attention to the exterior entry and the reception area where traffic is concentrated and hence more dirt accumulates when compared to other areas.
- Empty the trash and wash the waste baskets to get rid of any stubborn dirt. If the bins are lined using a plastic bag, the bag with the dirt should simply be removed and the basket lined again.
- Dust all surfaces to ensure that the office remains dust free. These surfaces will include table tops, counters and storage cabinets. 
- Spot clean any area that may require special attention. This is particularly important where stains are concerned. The stain should be dealt with immediately to prevent permanent staining.
- Tidy any material that looks out of place for example brochures lying all over the work station. The material should not be discarded unless otherwise advised and should be put neatly in a safe place, possibly in the work station where they were found.
- Remove any debris on the seats. If there is any staining or the seat is too dirty, vacuuming will help remove the dirt while cleaning the stain with the right stain removal solution will get rid of the stain and ensure that the quality of the seat in question is maintained.
- Mop and disinfect the kitchen floors. All counter tops in the kitchen should also be wiped and disinfected and the kitchen trashcan should be emptied and cleaned.
- Mop and disinfect the bathroom floors. The bathrooms supplies such as tissue, sanitizer, towels and soaps should also be restocked.
- Wipe and disinfect door knobs to get rid of fingerprints and smudges

Office Cleaning Checklist 2015

Weekly cleaning

This category consists of all the cleaning activities that should be carried out at least once every week. The frequency can however be increased where necessary. All areas that are cleaned on a daily basis should also be cleaned during the weekly cleaning schedule only that this time they should be deep cleaned and extra attention paid to every corner of the office. The weekly cleaning should also include the following activities.
- Polishing surfaces such as brass fixtures and other bright surfaces
- Thoroughly cleaning all windows around the office
- Buffing out all the hard floors
- Wiping light switches and other fixtures
- Removing cobwebs and dusting surfaces on the walls where dirt settles
- Emptying the refrigeration and disinfecting it

Monthly cleaning

Just like in the case of weekly cleaning, the frequency of tasks carried out monthly can be increased to ensure that the office is always clean. For offices that are cleaned on a daily or a weekly basis, the monthly cleaning list is very short. The list includes only the areas that can go for a month without looking dirty and cleaning them just once in a month will not affect the employees and other people who come to the office.
- vacuuming of vents
- Vacuuming the office fabric chairs
- Dusting all high places. The office should be thoroughly dusted from top to bottom and all areas that are not dusted on a daily or a weekly basis are dusted at least once every month.

The above checklist includes all parts and fixtures that you can find in an office and can be used to ensure that your office cleaning is thorough. Keeping the checklist and customizing it fit your office needs will make your work much easier in terms delegating the cleaning duties and ensuring that cleaning work is done to your liking.

Given that proper cleaning requires the some skills and the right equipment it is always advisable to get professional cleaners to do the job. Apart from the high level of professionalism that you get, professional cleaners also come with many other benefits. One is the fact that you can relax and do your job without having to worry about hiring and supervising daily, weekly and monthly cleaners. Professional cleaners also charge much less for the job especially if you compare their chargers and what it would cost you if you had permanent cleaners on your payroll. Get professional window cleaners to do your office cleaning and make use of this office cleaning checklist 2015. This way you will be guaranteed that every corner of your office will get the cleaners attention and is cleaned the right way. You are guaranteed of excellent services at an affordable rate and can enjoy a clean working environment all year.

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