Steam Carpet Cleaning VS Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Without any shred of doubt, a carpet is a vital accessory in any household; this is especially so in Singapore. As a matter of fact many people do appreciate the importance of having a good and beautiful carpet in the house. Unfortunately, when it comes to maintenance of the carpet; many people lose the plot and end up either spoiling the carpet completely or using the wrong methods to clean it. There are several cleaning methods but the most popular include steam carpet cleaning, shampoo carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning to mention but a few.

Steam Carpet Cleaning VS Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

To get the best carpet cleaning method that is appropriate for you, it is important to check on the pros and cons of shampoo carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. Even though there are glaring differences between the above mentioned methods there are also some pleasant similarities between them and it is therefore important to carefully consider each of them. Here are some key differences and similarities between them, they include but are not limited to the following;

· Steam cleaning method is widely used in the professional cleaning industry and is also known as hot water extraction. Steam is usually a by-product of the jets of hot water which are generally forced out of the cooling tools used at high pressure. 

· To successfully perform steam cleaning, most cleaning companies in Singapore give their clients a variety of options such as the use of portable hot water extraction machines that are small enough to be brought into homes or even the use of high suction power truck mounted hot water extraction machines that are mounted onto a van or truck.

· To successfully undertake shampoo carpet cleaning one needs to have a floor buffer, a nylon brush and an attached solution tank filled with the requisite shampoo. However, to get a complete job most professional cleaners in Singapore will have a vacuum, carpet rake, hand brush, an all purpose spotter and the requisite carpet protectors

· It is an accepted fact the use of high suction steam cleaning machines ensure that the carpet requires very short drying times and the carpet is left much cleaner than when any other method of carpet cleaning is used.

· Shampoo cleaning on the other hand tends to leave sticky and foamy residues on the carpet and since in most instances the carpet it is difficult to rinse thoroughly after shampoo cleaning when compared to other available methods. These residues tend to easily attract more dirt easily; this phenomenon is known as wicking. It is recommended that some vacuuming be done on the carpet the following day after shampoo cleaning.

· Because steam cleaning does not involve the use of chemicals for the cleaning process; it is considered more eco-friendly.

· Since people are getting more environmentally aware about the need to go green, it is important to ensure that the shampoo one is using does not contain harsh or harmful chemicals. One can confirm this by checking the ingredients used or insisting on eco-friendly shampoos.

· The primary disadvantage of steam cleaning is that not all the water used in cleaning the carpet can be removed and there is always need to either expose the carpet to heating, ventilation, dehumidification or air conditioning to ensure the carpet dries completely before being used again. The drying period is relatively short though.

· In the case of shampoo cleaning, it is imperative that the carpet is dried out completely. If one inadvertently leaves too much moisture onto the carpet, mildew or mold may start to form on the carpet; ruining the carpet and any underlying padding.

· If you have young children in the house, it is recommended that you use steam cleaning because it uses very dilute detergents or none at all. This minimizes the instances of chemical exposure to crawling or playing children who may use the carpet immediately after cleaning.

· The residues left behind, especially so if a lot of shampoo was used may cause some allergies of unfavorable reaction to children or even adults if the chemicals used are quite harsh and harmful.

· It is worth noting though that both methods if properly managed do provide stellar results; with minimal damage if any at all on the carpet and thereby going a long way in keeping your house or office clean and sparkling.


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