What Is The Best Way To Cleaning Curtain For Home?

Looking to have your curtains for home cleaned? These coverings tend to become dirty and dusty with continued use, although this may vary depending on the areas where they are used. Whichever the case, regularly cleaning them is important for among others ensuring quality of indoor air, prolonging their lifespan, lowering the risk of allergic reactions and restoring their original look. Thankfully, there are several methods that homeowners can employ to clean their curtains and leave them fresh. These include the following.

What Is The Best Way To Cleaning Curtain For Home?

1. Using washing machine

One of the easiest methods to clean curtains is to use a washing machine, although this depends on the kind of material your curtain is made of. It typically works for light weight curtains as they won’t retain water. When washing, always employ the delicate cycle on your machine or else select a cool wash & slow spin. The average laundry detergent can be fine for machine washing curtains. Make sure the curtains completely dry out before reattaching them. It’s important to note that certain materials may need special attention when being put in the machine .Delicate cottons may, for instance, shrink when put in hot water. The trick is to check the manufacturer’s label on the coverings before going about cleaning them.

2. Steam cleaning curtains

Today, homeowners can find good quality steam cleaners with upholstery attachments. When steam cleaning your dirt coverings, make sure to start from top down, not the other way round. If the material starts becoming wet, move the device a few inches away from it. Be sure to repeat the movement until all the dirt and grime is eliminated. This cleaning method is typically recommended for curtains made of heavy materials or those that would be difficult to remove from the rails. You should exercise caution when using the steam cleaner as the steam could burn you. Further, always read the manufacturer’s directions on both the curtains and appliance before you begin.

3. Hand washing

This cleaning method can be a good alternative to putting coverings in your washing machine. You can employ the average laundry detergent or else soap made for hand washing delicate material. On the whole, you should go for a mild cleaning solution to minimize damage to your curtains and also follow the instructions. You should be careful when taking the dirty curtains down as any rods or hooks left might tear them during the washing process.

Hand washing curtains is typically more tasking than machine washing, but it has the advantage of cutting down the risk of shrinking and is excellent for cotton or other delicate material. However, it may not be ideal for very heavy material as it is difficult to rid all the water, in turn prolonging the time period it takes to dry.

What Is The Best Way To Cleaning Curtain For Home?

4. Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of coverings will help keep them dust-free and reduce the frequency of washing. Even better, you can do it without having to pull them down from the rails. Here are the steps you should follow:
· First, attach the upholstery attachment and set the lowest setting for the suction power.
· The power setting should also be lowest (note that some appliances may have one setting that controls both.
· Now gently & repeatedly vacuum your curtains to eliminate all dirt and grime.
· For delicate or sheer curtains, make sure to place some nylon over the device’s nozzle and firmly secure it with hair elastic or rubber band. This will help avoid accidental “sucking” by the vacuum.
· When done with the front part of your curtains, vacuum the back in the same way ─ from top down.

5. Dry cleaning

Another method for cleaning curtains at home is to dry clean them. This is recommended for “dry clean only” models and like is the case with other methods you should follow instructions to get the best results. Homeowners can use dry cleaning solvents along with a hand-held steam cleaner, but it’s recommended to have a professional clean them. These are experts and will have a wealthy of experience which enables them to deliver excellent results and avoid damage to the treatments. When choosing a dry cleaner, make sure to factor in things such as cost, reputation, experience and equipment. Yes, it could take some time, but it’s really worth it especially considering that curtains are typically a huge investment. In general, dry cleaning method is effective in eliminating accumulated debris, allergens and dust.

6. Other methods of cleaning curtains for homes

· Shaking coverings out: A simple and quick way to clean dirty curtains is to gently shake them out while hanging on the rails. You should however be careful to avoid contaminating the nearby surfaces and other components in your home. If possible, you can detach the curtains, take them outdoors and then shake them. This method is typically effective for light and less dusty curtains. Very dusty or dirty pieces should be cleaned using other techniques.

· Gently rubbing the curtains: For this, you can use a small lint brush. This method helps remove dirt and debris from window treatments made of material such as velvet. Gently rub the brush repeatedly along the curtains from top down so that they’re clean and dust-free. The method is quite simple, quick and very effective for heavy material that would be better cleaned while hanging on the rails. If you can’t get a lint brush, consider employing a fabric softener. This is equally effective, and will leave a new, fresh scent on the treatments.

· Using a feather duster: You can also rid dust from window coverings from using a feather duster. Always start from the top down so that the debris falls to sections not yet dusted. Repeat as needed and then brush off the back of the curtains.

Cleaning curtains at home can be quite a chore, but it does not have to be as daunting as it seems. There are a range of simple techniques that you can employ. In fact, all you need is to get the necessary materials and you’re sure to get clean, fresh window treatments. Something to remember though; always read the instructions on your curtains, cleaning product or appliance before you go about cleaning.

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