When Is The Best Time To Choose Part Time Maid Over Full Time Maid?

While you are on a vacation, for example, and say you decide to travel overseas, you house should remain orderly. Hiring a part time maid at such a time is good. Compared to hiring a full-time maid, you can choose the number and the extent of services a part time maid will offer you. This way, you will pay for the period and not the whole time. While on leave, you might also want to go to conferences and even take short courses. Or you might even want to participate actively in some activities that are too demanding and still get time to do all the housekeeping during your free time. Delegate such work as cleaning to a maid or a cleaning company and you will have the freedom and time to do such things.


-During Pregnancy

There are some difficult housekeeping tasks to complete on a day to day basis. However, during pregnancy, some of these tasks are just beyond your limits. Additionally, such hard jobs might be temporary, or needed to be accomplished on occasion. At such a time, it is wise to hire a maid. In the long run, you have an ample and peaceful house that also adds to your happiness.

-When it is Time for Kids to Start Schooling

Preparing the children for school is an involving task. But this difficulty is only there at first. When you get used to it, you will not have to struggle at all. It is during this adjustment period that you want to be hiring a maid when the work seems too much. For example, you might want the housemaid to help you clean the house and do the laundry while you prepare the kids for school.

-During Night Shift Jobs

Working on a night shift job is not always ideal. And while you might not want to work at night sometimes, it might be the only job that pays well at that time. Also, some companies have their employees change shifts. That is, a group of workers work during the day for a week or so and then they work at night while the other group takes over the day shifts. If you work for such a company, you will be in a tight position during the night time shift, and that is the perfect time you need a maid. However, when you go back to the day shift, you can then complete all the chores without any problem.

Part Time Maid

-When You Get Promoted to a Managerial Position

Administrative positions at work are very demanding. You have a lot of work during the day and as if that is not enough, you have to check emails and engage a lot of calls during your would-be free time. As you adjust throughout such a period, and to make the transition a smooth process, hiring a part-time maid might be the solution. If you consider hiring a full-time maid, you might run at a loss. The reason being that you may adjust too fast to require long-term services from the maid. However, you will be forced to pay him or her monthly since it is a contract.

-When Housekeeping Becomes Boring

Sometimes in your career, you might come to a time when you want peace of mind, and you don’t want to work too much at home. During this period, the housekeeping tasks turn out to be extremely annoying. Given that this is not a permanent situation because you will get out of those dull moments, you cannot hire a full-time maid. However, a part-time maid will be of great help throughout this period.

-During Festive Seasons

You need to organize all the celebrations well. A festive season is a time when the best you want is to clean your house well, arrange your home, and even decorate it. You cannot accomplish all these things within a short time without an extra hand. It is also well known that following the festive season, the home is always a complete mess. Thus, you will not only need a maid when preparing for a major celebration but also afterward to clean up the mess and re-arrange the house. As you can guess, these tasks are seasonal and do not last for even more than a week and thus requires only a part-time maid.

-During Further studies

A diploma or a degree might not be all you want. However, what happens when you want to further your education and you are already married? It might be very tricky to handle all the work at home while at the same time studying. The studies might not be too involving during the regular sessions while they can prove highly demanding during examination periods. At such a point, hire a maid to help you with the work and you improve your grades and still have a great house to go back to at the end of the day.

Full Time Maid

-When You Get Separated from Your Spouse

No one anticipates a divorce or even a temporary separation. Conflicts between couples are common, however, and when they happen to break your ties with your spouse, you will want to handle the housekeeping duties with ease while trying to adjust. Take cleaning the carpet for example. Maybe your husband (or wife) used to do it perfectly, and there was something else you could do better. As you try to master the art of carpet cleaning, it might be the right time to hire a good maid to help you in the meantime. Hiring a maid also guarantee you that you can dictate how and when to clean your house.

-When You Move into a Bigger House

Successful people dream and thrive to live in a mansion. However, there is nothing simple when it comes to managing a big house. If you buy a big house, you will want to hire a maid to clean the house. Nevertheless, it is not economical to hire a full time maid since the cleaning and arrangement of the house will only happen occasionally for not all the rooms are occupied.

-When You Are Ill

Illnesses are temporary. Unless they persist, illnesses might just prevent you from cleaning the house for just a little while, say a week. During this time, you can rely on services from any good company that offers what you need. When your health improves, and you can do all the tasks, you can then terminate the services.

Wrapping up, the right time to hire a part time maid as compared to a full time maid might raise a debate. However, most people will agree with the above facts. Your ultimate aim is to use the least amount of money and yet get high-quality services. Do not settle for anything less that perfect.

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We are specialists in Laundry Dry Cleaning, Office Cleaning, House Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning & Part Time Maid Service.

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