Where Is The First Place To Start And Last Place To End On House Cleaning

Having a clean and well organized home can have a positive impact in your life. It has become quite a challenge to many to keep a well organized home because of the many commitments and responsibilities that come with the day to day activities. Postponing the chaos does not help either. In fact it only piles up the work load. It is therefore important to have a schedule on how to take care of the house chaos.


You have a schedule of how you intend to take care of the chaos. That is which day or days you have set aside for cleaning. But when the day comes you have no idea where to start from because the work seems to be so much. If you do not know where to start from, cleaning can be quite a challenge.

The most important thing to always have in mind is that you should not pile up the house chaos awaiting the day you have set aside for cleaning. Reduce the house chaos by cleaning as you go. This will help reduce the work load for the day set aside for house chaos. Some clean as you go tips include;
· Make sure to always clean out the shower while you are taking a shower
· After brushing your teeth, wipe out the sink
· Before starting breakfast, through all the laundry in the wash
· After diner, clear the table
· After dinner make sure to start the dishwasher
· Before cooking or eating empty the dishwasher
· Instead of piling dirty dishes in the sink, put them directly into the dishwasher
· Do not pile up clothes. Make sure to hang them immediately you take them off the dryer.
· Throw any dirty clothes into the laundry basket instead of leaving them lying around everywhere.
If you observe these tips you will find that come cleaning day, they makes thing easier because the house is not all messed up. A quick clean of the house would do the trick.

You have made sure that you clean as you go and now cleaning day is here. Where do you start from because you need to have a plan on how you will work your way through the house. Start from the places that are visible to anyone who walks in through your from door and work your way through the rest of the house. You could arrange your cleaning areas in the following format.
· I. The lounge
· II. Kitchen
· III. Bedrooms
· IV.Washrooms

House Cleaning

I. I. The lounge area

This is the place where anyone walking up your front door will come across first. It is a very sensitive area in terms of cleanliness because it makes the first impression of what the rest of the house would be like. If the area is untidy then any visitor would only imagine what the rest of the house would be like. Start by putting everything where it belongs. Any pillows should be well arranged, any rightful place. Once everything is in order, go ahead and dust the place clean. Make sure to vacuum the place too. Anyone who walks in and finds this area clean while the rest of the house is not clean, would not have an idea of what the rest of the house is like.

II. II. The kitchen

From the lounge, move on to the kitchen. If you are entertaining, this would be the next area anyone would notice if it is untidy. Start by cleaning the dishes if there are any dirty ones. Move on to other appliances like the coffee maker and the microwave. Next work on the fridge and then empty out the trash. Lastly work on the counter tops and the floor before moving on to the next part of the house.

III. III. The Bedrooms

The bedrooms can be quite a mess at times and may end up taking more time. This is because, one, there may be a number of them depending on the size of your house and two; there are so many items in the bedrooms. Start cleaning by arranging the closet. Next put any dirty clothes into laundry baskets and take them to the laundry area. You can start the washing machine and throw the clothes in to wash as you continue with other chaos. Back in the bedroom, arrange any items that are not in place by placing them where they belong. Dust and finally vacuum the bedrooms. Make sure to always leave the windows open to allow fresh air get into the rooms.

IV. IV. The Washrooms

When cleaning the washroom, special attention should be given to the toilets and the bath areas. Clean this area thoroughly because it may harbor germs that may be quite harmful to you and small children. Clean the walls in the shower area and finish off with the floor.

Clean Home

When these major areas in the house are done, you can check on the laundry and finish doing it. Make sure to hang the clothes and not leave them in the basket. The final area you should clean should be outside your house. Pick up any items left lying outside. If there are any sits outside make sure to clean the area too.

Cleaning is not a task many look forward to. But if done in portions it can reduce the workload and when the day comes for thorough cleaning, it can be quite easy doing the chaos. The following tips can be quite helpful when cleaning;
· When you are cleaning, finish cleaning up before taking a break.
· If a task takes less than two minutes, do it right there and then
· As mentioned before, clean as you go
· Put everything back to its place
· Clean early in the morning so that when evening comes you are not still doing chaos and you can take this time to relax
· Be patient if the cleaning exercise is not working as planned. It may take a while for you to get a hang of things
· Make self-discipline the key thing. When you set a certain date for cleaning, make sure you do it and not postpone it.

When cleaning day comes, have a plan. A plan on how and where to start from and where to finish off with. This makes it easier to clean.

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