Why You Should Clean Your House Before Moving In

Before you move in to that brand new house that you have recently acquired, it is important for you to undertake cleaning and give the new place a personal touch. Of course, you could do the cleaning all by yourself, or hire a company. Either way, your primary objective is to make your house spotlessly clean, sparkle and smell fresh. Also, the cleaning strategy that you would want to use is largely dependent on the size of the house. This is because a larger house requires more time, energy and manpower than a smaller one.


In other cases, you may find that the previous owners did an excellent cleaning job before they left. Should you proceed and clean the seemingly tidy house? It is often a good practice to have a checklist of those places that you would want to clean such as the windows, the floor, or even the walls. By inspecting the house and checking against the cleaning areas that you want to be cleaned, you will come up with an objective answer.

Generally speaking, homeowners in Singapore are highly advised to clean their homes thoroughly before they move in just to be sure and ascertain that they are in a safe environment. Think of the toilet or the bathroom, for example. Regardless of how clean it is, you still want to clean it personally just so that you are comfortable.

Check out some comprehensive benefits of cleaning your house before you move in:

Reduce allergies

Allergies are caused by agents such as dust and other particles that are mainly found in our living areas. Once they get into your breathing system, you become uncomfortable, you sneeze, and your skin even irritates. In the worst case scenario, people who have breathing problems and can even get an asthma attack. While moving out, a lot of untouched areas that have long since accumulated dust get exposed. Therefore, you must do some serious cleaning to get rid of this dust which might have already spread to other areas. Include in your cleaning checklist vacuuming, cleaning and dusting to help you get rid of pet dander, dust, dust mites and other allergens that might be a cause of flu or symptoms of cold. You will have done your family members, especially those who are allergic to dust, a big favor in preventing them from the unwanted attacks.

House Cleaning


As you may have read in many cleaning products, it is said that they kill 99% of germs. Interestingly, on the same note, the other remaining 1% germs are the ones that cause illnesses and infections. Nonetheless, all is not lost as cleaning those surfaces that our hands and other bodily surfaces come into contact with reduces the chances of infection. So, by just washing with soap and disinfectants, you get rid of viruses, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms that compromise your health. You can take it a step further by using powerful cleaners that go beyond what the “normal disinfectants” cannot remove such as salmonella, staph, and E-coli. The last step to ensure safety for you and the children would be to sanitize these surfaces so as to protect your interiors entirely.

Removes mold

Occasionally, the home has those surfaces, both inside and out, that become moist due to splashing of water or leaky pipes. Once moisture accumulates, mold starts to grow. Most commonly, mold grows on organic surfaces. This is the reason you may have noticed that mainly the walls and the ceiling grows mold and not the tiles or the marble. Cleaning the house before you move in helps to remove mold from where they have grown. Tidying the entire house also lets you see all surfaces that are bound to harbor moisture and be a place that mold can grow and develop in future. Mold is an allergen. If allergic people enter a room with mold, they immediately start sneezing and having breathing complications that eventually leads to severe health complications.

Frees you to be more creative

You are at liberty to choose whether to clean your house by yourself, hire a professional to do it, or join hands and do it together. The process of cleaning opens your mind on how to organize the room for maximum efficiency. After doing a hands-on job in cleaning, you know from experience how easy or difficult it is to clean some surfaces, especially those hard-to-reach corners. You will have an idea of how to organize the furniture, and upholstery so that next time, your cleaning is made easier.



This should probably be the first reason that tops the list. However, cleaning is primarily done to enhance safety. Forget about the germs and other micro-organisms. While moving out, a lot of loading and off-loading is involved. Surfaces crack, boxes drop, and even glasses shatter. A combination of these occurrences can cause serious injury to people and children who move around the house. Therefore, by cleaning, you clear these depositions, effectively securing the interior of your home. Do not forget to arrange the packing boxes and stack them appropriately for safety. Carelessly arranged packaging or over-stacked boxes can cause unexpected harm to people and damage to property.

Wards off pests

It is undesirable. Sometimes, it may even embarrass you before your visitors. Nobody likes the sight of bugs moving in between the seat edges or the rats that rush from one end of the room to the next. In general, pests and household rodents thrive in places where food is plenty. Food remains that accumulate in those locations that are not accessible create a breeding ground where they can multiply. Some mites even disguise themselves in dust and other untidy areas. Those who opt to get cleaning services before they move in can ask for exterminating services. However, by vacuuming and sweeping, you ward off pests and remove places that might otherwise be a nesting ground.

To sum it up, cleaning your house is important, and is in fact, a necessity. Your predecessors could have cleaned the house, but doing it once again means that you do it to your standards, and you also wipe out the mental and physical cobwebs. As a pro-tip, it is highly advisable for you to clean from up-down. Start with higher places such as the ceiling then to the walls, and gradually to the floor. Ensure that those hard-to-reach places where your furniture will rest on are clean because you are unlikely to clean those surfaces for a long time to come.

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We are specialists in Laundry Dry Cleaning, Office Cleaning, House Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning & Part Time Maid Service.

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