Why You Should Spring Clean Your Restaurant Before CNY?

Do you own a restaurant in Singapore? Are you looking for an efficient strategy for flooring your competition and running a successful business venture as a result? One of the simplest, but among the most important activities that you should do often is spring cleaning. It is beneficial in many ways: first, it improves the physical beauty of your restaurant. It also lowers the risk of allergies, transmission of food borne infections to customers, and therefore, the risk of lawsuits or business closure. Finally, spring-cleaning keeps restaurants functional and their overall structures durable. If you are sceptical, read on to learn in detail the benefits of spring-cleaning your restaurant before the Chinese New Year (CNY).

Spring Clean Your Restaurant Before CNY

Physical Beauty

Singaporeans are visual beings. Before they order a plate of rice or noodles to eat with their family or friends, the first thing many look at is the overall cleanliness of their environment is. Are the tables, chairs, and the upholstery in their restaurant of choice clean? Are the floors clean? Does the establishment have a bad odour that might lower their overall dining experience?

If you are planning for the CNY and want to maximise restaurant sales during this celebration, spring clean your business establishment thoroughly to boost its physical appeal. Scrub its floors and walls well. You should also remove all cobwebs, change all dirty table mats, and polish dull furniture (table, chairs, and or counter tops). Apart for having a positive first impression, customers will love your clean environment and choose your restaurant over others.

Health Benefits

The Chinese New Year is a world-celebrated event, particular in Asian countries such as Singapore. Many people gather with family and or friends to share pleasantries. The also conglomerate in restaurants to enjoy local cuisines and have a memorable experience overall. Apart from improving the look of your restaurant, spring cleaning for the CNY has numerous health benefits.

It eliminates allergens, dust mites, and moulds that cause breathing problems (allergenic rhinitis and wheezing) and life-threatening complications such as anaphylaxis. If done well, it also eliminates food-poisoning-causing parasites and bacteria that often affect negatively the health of merry makers. To stem the foregoing and many other health problems, clean the floors, tables, and walls of your restaurant using an antiseptic detergent and a vacuum cleaner if necessary.

The detergent you use should be effective and manufactured using natural ingredients that do not affect health. Next, pay keen attention to your counter tops, the kitchen, and stores where you keep cooking equipment and food supplies. They are breeding grounds for harmful micro organisms such as bacteria. Dirty ones, therefore, are excellent sources of food-poisoning epidemics.

Finally, promote positive cleaning habits in your restaurant. All clock and rest rooms should be clean. All taps should have clean running water and soap for cleaning hands before and after eating.

New year spring cleaning for restaurant

Structural Benefits

Apart from lowering beauty and increasing the risk of transmission of diseases, dirt can destroy the physical structure of your restaurant. It can also lower its functionality and therefore, longevity significantly. For instance, if you avoid cleaning gutters to an extent that they clog, development of serious drainage problems is inevitable. Floods can damage roof lines. They can also damage ceiling boards and ultimately, destabilise the overall structure of your restaurant.

Avoid these issues by spring cleaning often. Use a trowel to remove leaves, twigs, and debris that lower the functionality of your gutters. You should also remove caked dirt, flush down drainage pipes using a garden hose, repair leaks, and then replace worn out gutters, for maximum efficiency.

When planning for the Chinese New Year (CNY), the benefits of spring cleaning your restaurant cannot be understated. Unfortunately, if you do not have the skills nor the equipment used for cleaning, this process can be daunting. If you are part of this statistic, but want to enjoy the foregoing and many other benefits, one of the best decisions you can make is to hire the services of a professional restaurant cleaning company in your locality. Many are jacks of their trade. They have experienced staff. They also have advanced equipment and use sophisticated cleaning techniques that guarantee positive results in a short time.

Before hiring one, however, research. Identify three or more professional cleaning companies. Next, ask for quotes and compare the services the offer. Finally, hire the most experienced company in this niche. It should also be reputable, offer affordable cleaning services, and have a long list of satisfied customers.


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