10 Worst Mistakes People Make In Fridge Cleaning

One of the things that will help you enjoy your leftovers and any other perishable food is by keeping them in the fridge. Sometimes, you might eat food from the fridge and notice a strange smell. In case you experience such a situation, it will mean that your fridge is dirty and you need to clean it. When cleaning the fridge, it can be challenging, since it will need you to be keen on some aspects. On the contrary, many people make some mistakes when they are cleaning out their fridges. These mistakes can ruin the condition of the fridge, or it can lead to other serious accidents. Here are some of the mistakes by people when cleaning their fridges:

Fridge Cleaning

1. Not Emptying The Fridge

Before anything else, you should know that your fridge needs to be open enough, for you to reach the interior. The first thing you should do is unplug the fridge from the socket, especially if you are cautious about wasting the energy. However, if you can keep the door closed in between the cleaning process, you can leave it plugged. You will need to remove the foods that are in the fridge, so that you can easily clean the inner section. Too many people start cleaning without removing the food, which makes it more difficult and some areas might not be cleaned as required.

2. Using The Wrong Material To Clean

The material used is also another thing that many people ignore, yet it is a very vital factor to consider. There are some materials that will be too tough and on the fridge. Most of the fridges are made of plastic interiors with some glasses on the drawers. However, when you use rough materials, such as a steel wool scrubber, might scratch the surface of the fridge. Even though the exterior of the fridge is made of a metallic surface, this can still be scratched. For that, use a recommended sponge and fabric when you need to clean your fridge.

3. Ignoring The Exterior

There isn’t really a pattern when cleaning your fridge, but most of the people will start cleaning the interior of the fridge. Basically, the main focus when cleaning your fridge is the interior, however, the exterior is equally important. For a perfect, clean fridge, you will need to clean the exterior as well. Ensure you are equipped with the right rug, which can dry the surface of the fridge. When the fridge is clean on the outside, it could mean that it is clean on the inside.

4. Not Removing The Shelves And Drawers

You can never have a perfectly clean fridge, if you have not removed the drawers and shelves. Too many people clean their fridges with the drawers and shelves still intact. Unless you want to have a super clean fridge, you will need to have your shelves and drawers removed. The drawers and shelves will be cleaned with water and soap, they left to dry, so as to get rid of any stain from drink spills.

5. Splashing Water

Even if you need to thoroughly clean your fridge, never splash water on it. This is a common mistake that people do when they are cleaning their fridges. When you splash water in your fridge, it might get through the fan outlet or it might get to the bulb. Even though the bulb is mostly covered, you shouldn’t risk splashing water on the fridge. Water can cause electrical shocks and it can also interfere with the system, especially when the water gets in the temperature controller or the bulb. For that, ensure that you do not splash water while cleaning your fridge.

Fridge Cleaning

6. Pushing The Fridge While Cleaning

Some people push their fridges when they are cleaning it. Usually, it only require to be slightly moved, in case you need to clean the back. Conversely, some push the fridge with force, which can tilt it at some point. When the fridge is tilted, the oil can sip through the cooling tubes and this will completely damage the fridge. Ensure that you have a helping hand, in case you need to move the fridge.

7. Not Sorting Out The Food

When you are cleaning the fridge, you will need to go through your food stuff, especially those that are open. There are some that might have a bad smell because they have gone bad. Before you choose the food to put back in the fridge, you must ensure that you have sorted them thoroughly.

8. Not Cleaning The Dishes When Putting Them Back

When you are through with your cleaning, you will most definitely need to put back the dishes, cups or mugs that carry the foods or drinks. Before you can put them back, ensure that the containers are well cleaned. You can wipe them with a clean piece of cloth, but ensure that it is clean enough. This will ensure that the fridge stays sparkling clean.

9. Using The Wrong Cleaning Solution

There are some solutions and cleaning chemicals that basically help to get rid of the bad smell in the fridge. However, some people use the wrong chemicals, which makes it difficult to get rid of the smell. The right stuff to use when you want to get rid of the bad smell is vinegar or baking soda.

10. Ignoring The Coils

Normally, the coils of the fridge are placed at the back of the fridge. A lot of people ignore the coils and some might not even know if they actually exist. You can vacuum the coils very month, for a perfect clean fridge. This will ensure that the fridge works well, without any delicate problems.


The fridge needs to be clean enough, in order to be sure of clean food. These common mistakes can be easily avoided by ensuring that you follow the right cleaning procedure. Alternatively, if you feel the cleaning process is too much, you can always a professional cleaning company. With the professional cleaning company, you will be sure of a clean fridge, which will be handled by experts. However, you can still be cautious when you are cleaning your fridge and avoid these common mistakes.

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