Cleaning Services We Provide

If you need a one stop solution for all of your residential and office cleaning services our company is the one you were looking for. Our declared mission is to provide the best cleaning residential and office cleaning services for all our customers, satisfying all their needs and even exciding their expectations. We provide only high quality cleaning services with our team of experienced and trustworthy cleaning professionals. We can provide a wide range of residential and office cleaning services, such as:

– House cleaning for your residential areas or offices
– Curtains, blinds, wallpapers cleaning
– Hard floor surface cleaning
– Carpet cleaning for residential areas and offices
– Upholstery cleaning
– Laundry services
– Spring cleaning service
– Office cleaning
– Part time maid services

Our part time maids are all professionally trained and also they are very trustworthy. It is part of our strict company’s policy to not hire illegal foreigner cleaners. All of our maids are legally working in Singapore and we provide maids of all kinds of races, Malay, Chinese and Indians. This is will ensure that there are no miscommunications between our consumers and maids.

With our reliable residential and office cleaning services is no need for you to clean your house of office on your own anymore. Our cleaning services company is established to provide you high quality cleaning services assistance that can meet all your cleaning needs. Singaporeans are having busy working schedules and a cleaning service is one of the ways to make their life easier. For busy working adults that want to dedicate more time on their career or wish to have extra time to spend with their family, our cleaning services can free your busy schedule.

Our team of cleaning maids takes great pride in their work and provides only the best services for our customers. They have all well screened backgrounds and they are extensively trained for their work. Our company has a policy designed to meet all the exigent requirements of our customers and we strive toward the goal to offer the best cleaning services for our valuable customers.

We offer cleaning services for weekly regular house cleaning as well as special spring cleaning services. The weekly regular cleaning is a service that takes care of the standard and normal cleaning requirements. The spring cleaning services are focused to clear and clean your entire house in just one day. Our residential cleaning services include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, washing of all toilets, cleaning of the stove areas, cleaning all the windows, grilles, blinds and curtains, carpet and hard floor cleaning. Our domestic cleaners can also help you with laundry and even iron your clothing at request.

Upholstery and carpets are important decorative items in any house and they can greatly increase the beauty of a room. A proper cleaning service is necessary in order to keep them proper and clean. We can provide you effective cleaning services to assure a proper hygiene in your house. You are in control to choose which task should be performed each week and you can instruct our maids on your chosen cleaning schedule.

If you are not content for any reasons with the services of a certain maid you can at any point of time send us feedback and ask for changing your domestic cleaner. We strive to provide the best professional cleaning services that will fully meet your requirements and we will replace your maid with no replacement fee.

You can trust our cleaning company as your best choice in cleaning services in Singapore. Our prices are all fixed fees and you don’t need to pay any other additional agent fees. If you prefer we can try to arrange for you the same maid for each visit. We use only trustworthy domestic cleaners and all our personnel is fully trained and insured. Our domestic cleaners have work permits for Singapore. Our cleaning company delivers one of the most comprehensive services in Singapore. You can trust our domestic cleaning personnel and we fully assure you of their reliability during their duty. You don’t have to worry of situations such as a sudden disappearance of our cleaners. In case that your maid is sick we will replace her and assure you the continuity of our services. You can notify us of any problem you may encounter and we will take care to investigate fully and immediately your issues.

We offer affordable cleaning services for all our customers. It is not very expensive to use our services. If you would hire freelancer cleaners you would have to pay $82 for the cost of weekly regular house cleaning sessions, meaning $20.50 per hour. For 4 hours of spring cleaning with freelance cleaners you would have to pay $150 or more. Our services offer you more convenience, safety and comparable prices. Hiring a professional domestic cleaning service can save you time and money.

Our cleaning services company can develop customized residential cleaning programs to fit your specific needs. We are ready to provide you cost effective services that are efficient, fast and reliable. Our outstanding experience and knowledge in the cleaning industry is a guarantee of the high quality of our services. We use the best of the cleaning procedures, products, and equipment, and best training available for our domestic cleaning personnel. We also use eco friendly cleaning products, to protect our environment.

Our cleaning services company can also provide offices cleanings services. We can assist in cleaning the desks, tables, doors, and windows, we can help with vacuuming the floor and cleaning the office carpets, we can clean the office toilets and many more. We can assist you with all your office cleaning needs, according to your specific requirements. We are able to adjust our services to your office cleaning schedule, depending on your office needs. Our cleaning personnel can visit your office three times a week or just one time a week and they will help to keep your office a clean and healthy environment.

Good hygiene is important for home and houses as well, and we are here to assure you the best services.

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