Why Choose Us As Your Curtain Cleaning Company?

If you Google curtain cleaning companies in Singapore, you will get a list of companies that offer their professional cleaning services throughout Singapore. All of them seem to offer excellent services at variable costs. So, how will you find a professional and efficient service provider? Well, we have something to say about your concerns regarding curtain cleaning. At CLEANING SERVICES in Singapore, we tend to provide services which suit your very distinctive demands for a set of cleans curtain which brings an aesthetic look and diffuses a positive image of your home inside.

As a household item, curtains are one of the most indispensable items to complement all the windows at your house or office. With time and usage, all your curtains receive dusts which get trapped onto them. Consequently, curtains at your house lose their lifespan, and you have to look for new sets of them for your windows or doors. What is the best way to keep your curtains in good condition for years? Undoubtedly, you have hardly had any cleaning equipment or component in store. So, it is recommended that you find a cleaning service which never lets you down by charging you more and doing mediocre services for your curtains. Yes, we are here to help you distinguish between CLEANING SERVICES in Singapore and other service providers.

How much do you know about your curtain?
You need to acknowledge that curtains are different from window bindings. They are composed of material fabric which makes them vulnerable to catch dust and keep that unwelcome thing trapped onto them. So, you see the curtains at your home getting dusty which may result in short lifespan, and you have to change them almost once a year. You are likely to look for new curtains because you never want your guests to see the dust on those curtains of your home. We recognize the truth that it will take a significant toll on your budget which may even seem not to be worth it.

What we care about?

We always care about your investment because we are well-informed of the most notorious issue to affect your cleaning project. Yes, we know how to deal with the shrinkage which appears after your curtains are washed. We know that your curtains are a type of heavy garments. By doing so, we ensure the proper stabilization of your curtains’ fabric though we never spare the chances of cleaning deep. None of the processes that we undertake for curtain cleaning attempts to affect the quality of the fabric. So, we can easily prolong the lifespan of the curtains while making them look dust free.

How much you may need to spend?

Prior to getting in touch with any cleaning service, you have to determine the type of cleaning service you want. Do you want normal cleaning or dry cleaning? Well, you need to know the difference because each type requires you to spend each separate amount. If you want to get cleaning services which come with utmost care and consistent maintenance, we hope you go nowhere but look for out curtain dry cleaning. In Singapore, you may need to spend more or less $9 for each kilogram. To get your curtains dismantled and installed properly, you may need to spend more $3. On the other hand, normal laundry cleaning may cost $7 for each kilogram. In fact, this is just a rough idea of how much you may need to spend on available services for curtain cleaning. Be informed that the above pricing plan is not always fixed, but it may vary on the basis of your specific or personal preferences.

Your budget and our commitment:

Now, you have got a general idea of the cost of such services. So, what can you expect from us? That is a big question. Well, we want to make it clear that we never charge more than what other curtain cleaning companies do. We always try to provide our curtain cleaning drapes cleaning services at an affordable price so that our plan may fit your budget. We only charge when we are able to provide quality services. We also provide you with cleaning services according to the “cost per kg” basis in stead of “cost per number” because we know it may take you some more to spend if you calculate the cleaning charge on the basis of the total number of curtains.

A few words about our services for curtain dry cleaning:

Dry cleaning refers to the process that involves the use of chemical solvents but not water to clean curtains or other fabric or clothing materials. We do not use any dryer which may cause your curtains to shrink. All our materials are carefully used to deal with your lightweight curtains. We also use materials in a way that those items work well with your curtains if those are made up of sensitive or delicate components. We are proud to say that we also specialize in cleaning your heavy duty curtains. We are always cautious against the wrinkles and shrinkage which are likely to form after cleaning your curtains. For advanced and specialized care for your curtains, we recommend you to look for dry cleaning other than laundry cleaning.

What we offer you for drapes cleaning?

Drapery fabric usually serves as the filter to all outdoor dusts. Realistically speaking, your household drapes seem to be the common reservoir of harmful allergens and dirt particles. So, we are at CLEANING SERVICES in Singapore to offer drapes cleaning.
We are professionally knowledgeable about installation and removal of your drapes. With our industry standard services for drapes cleaning, we are able to improve the condition of your drapes quickly while maintaining them efficiently. We never want you to be present during our actions because we put an eye on every part of the drapery at your home so that we can leave it spotless enough to bring you an amazing feeling about your interiors.

Why are we special?

Apart from the line-up of our professional curtain cleaning services, we are also happy to offer curtain pickup delivery which makes us somewhat special. Once you have been in touch with us; we would be ready to guarantee proper transportation of your curtains.
By using our curtain pickup delivery, you are making sure that you will get all your curtains quickly with a clean and healthy look as you got them when you brought them new to your home.

In fine, we do not consider your curtains and drapes as something to be handled with less caution. Rather, we always care them to be as important as all other indispensable household items. Under a professional deal, you can easily expect effective curtain cleaning and rapid delivery through our curtain pickup delivery system. So, we hope you have nothing to hesitate to call us at CLEANING SERVICES in Singapore!

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