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The danger of selecting an unreliable house cleaning & part time maid company

Cleanliness of a house should always be given top priority. It ensures hygiene and keeps away harmful germs and bacteria. However, many times, due to various reasons, people are not able to clean their homes or office premises frequently. Therefore, they hire a cleaning company to get the job done. While this can prove to be very beneficial, it is important that company providing cleaning services should be reliable and trustworthy. Else, hiring professional help can be a complete waste of money. Read on to find out the consequences of hiring an unreliable cleaning company.

If you hire a company that doesn’t carry out the work properly, there’s every possibility that you house will remain unclean. Such companies are usually out to make a quick buck and don’t care whether their services are up to the desired mark. This can prove to be harmful, especially for houses that have small kids or individuals allergic to dust. Since you’re under the assumption that the house has been cleaned, you are not aware that dust and germs continue to reside in your home.

Not only does an unreliable cleaning company fail to carry out its tasks properly, professional from such companies can also disrupt the safety of your home. Your home becomes vulnerable to robbery and other forms of crime. If there’s no one to supervise, the cleaner may just take away something valuable from your home and by the time you realize what’s missing it may be too late. Also, you never know when the cleaner makes note of your security system so that he can break it later. These are some precautions all home owners need to take while hiring professional help for their cleaning needs

There’s no telling to what lengths unreliable companies providing cleaning services can go to. Very often such companies take up projects quoting very low prices but after the job is done demand a huge sum of money, stating hidden costs like service tax and other additional fees. Such fraudulent cases have been reported by many that have fallen into traps laid down by such unethical companies.

Professionals of unreliable companies never own up to damages incurred while cleaning. Even if it’s their fault, they divert the blame from their shoulders and the homeowner ends up paying for all the damages from his own pocket. Therefore, while choosing a cleaning company, it is not only important to check whether the company has adequate insurance coverage but also has a written document stating they will take ownership of all damages caused by them.

Do a background check of the company you’re looking to hire. See what the company’s customers have to say. Read feedback and testimonials of the company. This not only gives you a clean picture of how reliable the company is but also helps you better understand the services it has to offer.

Check the references the company gives to ensure they’re not lying about their credentials. It is best to take recommendations from friends and family to have used a company’s services and been satisfied with the end results.

The importance of choosing a trusted cleaning company & part time maid service

Why You Should Only Hire Reliable Cleaning Company

When you decide to hire the services of a professional cleaning company, your expectations goes beyond getting your home or office moderately cleaned. You actually expect to be relieved of some cleaning stress. Even though you can personally clean your own house or office, it’s sometimes necessary to get them cleaned by a competent cleaning company. These are the companies that are specialized in offering cleaning services and have the best skills and technical know-how on cleaning, let alone the best cleaning equipments. But before you choose any cleaning company, you have to know that not all cleaning companies are effective and will give you the same results. That’s why you’re advised to only hire a reliable cleaning company. So, why is this necessary?

Are you allergic to your own house? Or may be your house has been infecting your visitors with flu. Well, your house has no problem, but the problem lies with the allergens and the flu virus that has taken cover inside your home . This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t actually clean your house, but your skills are not enough to get rid of the dirt or dust allergens. That’s where a reliable cleaning company comes handy – to get rid of the dirt or dust allergens and ensure that your overall health is not left at risk. Their specialized vacuum cleaners and disinfectants will certainly leave your home devoid of any allergens and airborne infections like flu.

Unless you’re in the cleaning business, the equipments you use to clean your home cannot be compared with those of a professional cleaning company. These companies invest hugely in these equipments just to ensure that they get the best results from their cleaning services. These ranges from the vacuum cleaners to the modern dusters and disinfectants. These are the equipments that can guarantee you excellent performance as far as the cleanliness of your home is concerned.

One of the reasons why you should consider hiring only a reliable cleaning company, is to get the best of their professional services. In fact, a reliable cleaning company has a team of professionals that can completely remove any form of stain from your furniture, floor or window without destroying any of your property. This goes together with the provision of other services that are pertinent to cleaning — scouring, disinfecting, swabbing and scrubbing.

Instead of having one or two people clean your house, a reliable cleaning company will send you a team of cleaning expatriates. Each person in the team will be specialized in a particular area, hence no chance of forgetting to clean some vital spots in your home. This will actually give you total satisfaction as you get to see how the entire team is determined to give your house a new flash of glow by working on getting it completely cleaned.

Lastly, a reliable company will always be lenient on your pocket. They will not overcharge you for the provision of these services. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that such a company is not as expensive as you actually thought. All you have to do is to contact any cleaning company that you find to be reliable and confirm their price before letting them to work on your house or office.

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Singapore is a bustling city located in the South east of Asia. Life usually moves at a fast pace in the city of Singapore. For those busy business people, workers and professionals who rarely indulge in domestic house chores like house cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and various other such domestic chores should know that house cleaning services are easily and readily available in Singapore city at a very affordable rate. House cleaning is very vital and our company can help to clean up your house and remove all trash and junk that you don’t need. Whether it is spring cleaning, laundry cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning or even office cleaning, it’s highly recommended you get professionals to come in and clean up everything.

Below are 5 reasons on why to use our cleaning services:

Cleaning houses is our specialty. We do everything from taking away the trash in your house to cleaning your carpets and doing your laundry. We normally specialize in house cleaning, but we can also organize your house. Organizing is not usually easy, especially if you’ve too much stuff in the house. Although when you hire us, we ‘ll organize everything in the right spot and in the right way.

House cleaning services in Singapore are not expensive. 
There are many cleaning companies who never really offer good house cleaning yet they charge too much. We not only give you top quality cleaning, but we offer very affordable prices. You can research and choose from a wide range of house cleaners but only after checking the price-rates and the quality of service that they offer. It will even be more helpful if you find out some opinions and feedback about that house cleaning company you want to hire, from your neighbours.

Time is money. When you hire us, you will save a lot of time and effort.

We clean up real fast. Our quick service ensures that you wont have to keep us in your house for longer than necessary. Our goal is to always finish cleaning off everything as soon as possible. We don’t want to unnecessarily keep you waiting. May it be that you want a maid to come over to clean your house or you just want your carpet, curtains and laundry done, we’ll work our way fast and efficiently around your home.

We will do nearly everything you need us to do for you.
 We’re specialists in carpet cleaning, laundry dry cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, spring cleaning, curtain cleaning and we also provide part time maid services. Our main goal is to cater to all your needs and make sure we satisfy each and every single need you have.We all do all these at the most competitive price in the market.

One of the main advantages of opting for a our house cleaning service is that the service we provide is quick and efficient. We make sure we leave your house only after you are fully satisfied. We are your one stop solution for all your house cleaning needs.



What our customers saying?

  • Francis Tay
    We booked a spring cleaning services on a Saturday and the cleaners came and did a wonderful cleaning job. We are very satisfied with their service and we are also taking up the regular laundry pickup service. Highly recommended company.
    Francis Tay
    Marina Bay Residences
  • Mary Tan
    We were really happy and impressed with the cleaning! She arrived earlier than expected and she immediately on the move. She was very thorough with the cleaning even to the every loop and holes of our office furniture.
    Mary Tan
    Business Owner