6 Common Misconceptions On Rug Cleaning

The nation of Singapore is famous for beautiful rugs made of highly durable synthetic materials for interior decorations. These well-designed rugs are widely used for domestic as well as commercial applications. Regular cleaning of these rugs is very much needed to maintain them and increase the longevity. Shampooing of the rugs is a very common method used in Singapore to clean them. The rugs also need extra protection and care to keep it fine for a long time. Rug cleaning process involves the usage of a specially-formulated shampoo applied with the help of shampoo machine. This machine is used to generate foams before vacuuming or scrubbing the rug. The biggest advantage of using the shampoo cleaning technique is that by making thick foam a lot of suspended dirt particles can be attracted to the surface.
Finally, these dirt particles can be easily scrubbed out.

Rug Cleaning

6 very common mistakes and wrong concepts about rug cleaning is discussed below.

1. Too much shampooing can wear the rug

It is one of the most common mistakes about rug cleaning in Singapore. But this is a wrong concept since most of the modern rugs are made of synthetic materials like polypropylene, which is a very durable and tough material. Scientific researchers have revealed that there are no negative impacts on the rugs with frequent shampooing. There is another related mistake that the rugs do not need regular cleaning. The rugs do need cleaning once every day. Otherwise the dust particles will clog the rug pores and damage the entire rug within a short period of usage. Thus, it needs regular cleaning with shampoo machines.

2. The dirt build-up rate increases after carpet shampooing

Improper shampoo cleaning technique can cause more dirt to accumulate in the rugs. Many householders in Singapore do not know the proper way to handle these rug shampoo machines. Sometimes, they apply too much or very little of the shampoo or they also pour too much water to the solution. These faulty cleaning techniques can attract more dust particles. An amateur rug cleaner can clean the rug incompletely leaving a lot of stains and spots behind. Thus, it is more advisable for the householders to hire professional rug cleaners for proper rug cleaning. The rug shampoos are not like ordinary hair shampoos. These are made of special naturally occurring bio-chemical compounds. Thus, do not impose negative effects on the rugs.

3. Frequent shampooing can shrink the rugs

If you shampoo the rug properly, it will not impose any shrinking affect. But if you shampoo over jute-backed or over-wet rugs, it may result in shrinking. Thus, it is not the fault of the method. It is totally a fault of the carpet cleaner.
Since the rug shampoos are made of very special components, it prevents shrinking or any other type of damage with daily cleaning.

Rug Cleaning

4. Steam cleaning and shampooing are bad for the rungs

Steam cleaning and shampooing are the only methods recommended by the rug manufacturers in Singapore. The professional rug cleaners also use these methods for perfect cleaning. This technique is well-known in removing all the contaminants, dirt and grime found in rugs. Thus, it is the best applied method for rug cleaning. Steam cleaning is very much essential for the rugs. This technique helps in extracting all the dust and pollution from the rugs completely. The cleaning should be done with the help of advanced technology driven vacuum cleaners. Thus, it is a very hygienic way for rug cleaning.

5. Rug shampooing is not eco-friendly

Many people say that run cleaning with chemical detergents and shampoos is harmful for the rugs. But this is not actually true. The organic cleaning supplies and rug shampoos offer the best results in rug cleaning. All these products are easily available at retail outlets and grocery stores in Singapore. Majority of the run cleaners in the nation use these consumer-friendly cleaning applications. It is more advisable for the householders to buy the rug shampoos and machines from the top brands in the industry. The highest quality rug cleaning products will give perfect finish to your home rugs. These rug cleaning products never impose any harmful or harsh effects on the rugs even after prolonged use. Since the rug shampoos are made of natural ingredients, it does not impose any threat to the environment. These products also never cause any harmful effects on the general health of the cleaners as well family members of the householders.

6. Shampooing badly effects the rug piles

It is a wrong concept that shampooing effects the rug piles badly and takes away the twists. The materials which are used in making the modern rugs are never badly affected by the rug shampoos or the shampoo machines. If you use shampoos and shampoo machines of reputed brands, then these will not impose any such harsh effects on the rug. The yarns which build-up the rugs are highly resilient. Thus, they maintain the twist even under harsh cleaning conditions. Instead, the rug years become smoother and more durable with daily shampoo cleaning. Thus, the rugs look beautiful even after regular shampoo cleaning.
If you want to clean your rug in the best possible way, then you need to avoid these mistakes regarding shampoo cleaning. But the cleaning methods should be perfect to get the best results.

Thus, you can always opt for the expert rug cleaning services provided by experienced and skilled rug cleaners in Singapore. They offer these services on regular basis at very reasonable and affordable service charges for the householders. Your rug will always look neat, clean and new with the help of daily shampoo rug cleaning services by these expert cleaners. They know all the methods to make the rug shampoo and the cleaning machine compatible with each other for a perfect cleaning process.
You can hire them on monthly basis to clean the house rugs using the run shampoo cleaning with shampoo machines. Thus, shampoo cleaning is the one and only popularly used methods for run cleaning in the country of Singapore.

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