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Businesses can save considerable funds if they delegate certain services to other organisations. One of the prime factors behind a productive office is cleanliness while places like child care centers, restaurants and medical facilities demand extra attention to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Although cleaning is a necessity for every commercial place, there are also certain guidelines for cleanliness by the government of Singapore and local authorities which need to be followed by organisations. With limited personnel, it can be expensive and time consuming for businesses to manage a clean premises. However, an office is the face of any organisation and it needs to be cleaned daily while requiring additional services like waxing and repairs occasionally. The optimal solution for this is to take assistance of commercial cleaning services provided by an external agency or company with a reliable track record.

Commercial Cleaning

From a business perspective, there can be numerous benefits of using a cleaning service. Some of these benefits can be observed immediately or over the course of few weeks while many are apparent only in the long run after a few years:

1. Increased productivity in employees -
A fresh and clean workspace allows the employees to focus easily and work better in a cheerful environment. Pure and clean office also boosts the company culture which is important to retain and motivate new employees. Research has revealed that polluted air within a workplace reduces the cognitive function and productivity of employees while increasing the risk to their health.

2. Lesser chances of disease spread -
Many times a business can suffer dramatically due to the spread of a virus or contaminable disease within its employees. Professional cleaning can reduce this problem to a great extent as thorough cleaning with disinfectants and sanitizers reduces the spread of diseases. A sick employee generally calls in for leave after reaching home whereas the bathrooms, office and other areas are thoroughly cleaned before the next working day.

3. Safer environment with lower employee absence -
Commercial cleaning maintains a safe and healthy environment which not only boosts the morale of employees but also keeps them away from external diseases while working. This results in lower number of sick leaves being taken over time as less employees face health issues and ailments.

Commercial Cleaning

4. Better business environment -
As mentioned previously, an office acts as the face of an organization. Therefore, a clean and well maintained office with tidy appearance attracts more people while offering them enhanced comfort for doing business. Commercial cleaning further takes care of small aspects in detail so that clients and customers are not able to pick out even one mistake in the office. This gives the company a professional and positive appearance while also providing a convenient place to do business.

5. Cost Savings -
It can be extremely expensive for a company to purchase different types of cleaning equipment then hire and train employees to perform the cleaning work. Even in such a case, the company cannot be sure of getting all the areas cleaned properly while they will continue to depend on external assistance for maintaining various tanks, high-pressure cleaning, on-site cleaning for events and other specialized services. On the other hand, a business can save a large amount of money by simply taking the services of a professional cleaning company. Generally, these companies offer affordable packages for daily cleaning along with generous discounts for once in a while services.

6. Effective cleaning -
Conventional cleaning methods can only clean certain areas and regions within the office. On the other hand, commercial cleaning can effectively clean carpet bottoms, grime stuck in crevices along with many other unreachable areas inside the office. Professional services also ensure proper waste disposal, premises management and healthy indoor air quality while following all guidelines for workplace cleanliness provided by local authorities and the government of Singapore. Effective cleaning further saves the furniture, carpets and other areas from getting damaged or stained due to dirt and other elements which reduces wear and tear while elongating their replacement duration.

7. Extra space -
Organisations can free up considerable amount of storage space if they do not have to house cleaning equipment or personnel within the office. Janitor rooms, broom cupboards and other areas can be used for a variety of tasks as required by the organization.

8. Wide range of services at the same place -
Almost every professional cleaning company also offers a wide range of services which can be used by the organization depending on their requirement. Services such as floor waxing, furniture refurbishment etc. can be used from time to time for restoring the look of the office when it starts to look shabby. On the other hand, professional cleaning companies can also provide immediate assistance during pest control, flooding, electrical failures etc.

Commercial Cleaning

A large number of cleaning agencies and companies provide commercial cleaning services in Singapore. The price of the service generally depends on the size of premises along with the requirement of client. General packages include certain things such as:

1. Permanent staff to maintain and clean the building as required. These are salaried employees for the cleaning company who have completed training and have prior experience of extensive office cleaning.

2. Scheduled cleaning of the entire building including areas such as washrooms, lifts, lobbies etc. on a daily basis.

3. Sweeping of external areas including the parking space. The perimeter of the building is also an important factor in maintaining cleanliness as dirt from outside can easily enter the building if not sweeped regularly.

4. Collection and disposal of trash on a daily basis. The rubbish is sweeped into dustbins which are emptied into a garbage center. This garbage center is cleaned on a regular basis and the trash is disposed following the proper guidelines and laws.

5. Managing the cleaning personnel and checking their work is also monitored by the commercial cleaning agency. The office employees don't require to give any instructions to cleaners as their duties are efficiently managed by the concerned agency. Also, the project manager responsible for maintaining the office carries out periodic checks to ensure that the work is being done properly.

Companies can also adjust their package to add or remove certain cleaning services depending on their requirements. Overall, commercial cleaning services can prove to be exceptionally beneficial for an organisation in various manners.

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