Detailed Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Toilets can harbor a lot of dirt and germs. This is the reason regular thorough cleaning is a must. A spic and span toilet that is also clutter-free will be an oasis in your home, one that you will not mind walking into. While having a clean toilet is great, actually cleaning it is not so fun. One way of making your job easier is establishing a routine. If you take care of small tasks regularly throughout the week your cleaning day later in the week will be much easier and quicker.

Toilet Cleaning

Some toilet cleaning checklists you can add to your routine throughout the week are:

• Picking up items that are lying around as you see them.
• Spray the shower with a self-cleaning shower spray in the morning after your shower.
• Invest in some type of toilet cleaner that cleans with every flush.
• Clean up any spills or messes as they happen.
• Assign each member of your family a daily chore to help keep the toilet maintenance in check.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

• Preparation
• Gloves - latex or rubber
• Disinfectant
• Toilet Bowl Cleaner
• Garbage bags
• Detergent with disinfectant properties
• Disposable towels
• Remove all rugs, towels, washcloths
• Empty Trash Can
• Ceiling, Walls and Shelves
• Remove spider webs from ceiling
• Begin in one corner of the ceiling
• Dust, from top of wall to floor
• Wipe towel bars
• Dust top of door, door, and door frame
• Disinfect light switches
• Dust shelves, doors, cabinets, and the top of the medicine cabinet
• Dust any decorations or candles
• Clean all mirrors
• Bathtub/Shower Enclosure

Toilet Cleaning

 Wipe and disinfect shower curtain

• Clean drain traps
• Rinse walls and bathtub


• Remove all bottles, jars, etc from surface
• Dust surfaces, then wipe or Scrub Counter Top
• Scrub sink basin
• Polish faucet and spigot
• Scrub and Polish Drain
• Rinse Sink
• Dry counter top
• Wipe down bottles, jars, etc, and reposition them
• Wipe areas under sink - pedestal or outer doors


• Clean top and sides of toilet tank
• Scrub toilet seat with Disinfectant.
• Scrub Interior of toilet bowl. Use disinfectant.
• Wipe and disinfect top of toilet bowl.
• Disinfect area where lid and seat are hinged
• Wipe outside of toilet bowl, down to base
• Wipe around to backside of toilet base
• Rinse bowl of toilet by flushing


• Use dry rag or mop to remove dust and hairballs
• Pay attention to corners, and behind the door
• Wash floor with detergent and disinfectant
• Scrub grout
• Wait for floor to dry before replacing rugs

Trash can

• Empty once more if needed
• Disinfect interior surface
• Disinfect exterior surface
• Insert a clean bag

Replacing Rugs and Towels

• At minimum, vacuum rugs, though is is preferable to wash them
• Wash towels and washcloths, using water as hot as the fabric can tolerate

Keeping our toilet clean is essential because dirty toilets do not only look nasty and smell disgusting, they can also be a breeding ground of an ecosystem of germs and bacteria. Just imagine how disappointing taking your shower in a bathroom with a dirty toilet! Who would enjoy in that? Nobody, right? So follow these easy and professional steps on how you can ensure a clean toilet.

Wear utility (rubber) gloves

Make sure you are wearing utility (rubber) gloves whose color is different from the ones you use with household cleaning. This should only be exclusively used for toilet cleaning. Before you start, remove all items placed around and on the top of your items.

Remove figurines

Most people like decorating their toilet top with figurines, decorative linens and the like. These must be removed so that we can prevent accidental drops and contaminating these with the chemicals of the cleaning products you will use later.

Wipe down the toilet with a damp sponge.

Proceed by wiping down the toilet with a damp sponge (or rag). Use hot water to moisten the rag and wipe the tank, the lid, base, exterior and the seat of the bowl. This will help loosen dirt and will help scatter the cleaning product.

Squirt toilet cleaner inside the bowl.

There are a wide variety of cleaners available. You may want to choose a product that contains low concentration of caustic chemicals. These are natural cleaning products and they are very effective cleaners.

Toilet Cleaning

Follow manufacturer’s directions on the label for safety

Moving on, start squirting the cleaner at the rim and moving towards the inner surface of the bowl. Make sure to let them soak for they will work better this way. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions on the label for safety.

Scrub the bowl hard with the use of a toilet brush.

Depending on the graveness of the dirt, repeat brushing until completely clean. Brush around the entire bowl thoroughly. Mineral stains are the number one enemy of toilet bowls and usually accumulate at the back of the bowl and along the water level.

Pay special attention to the stains

So, ensure you pay special attention to these stains. Flush the toilet for easy rinsing. You may want to continue scrubbing while the water drains from the toilet. Repeat a number of times to ensure that you rinse the toilet thoroughly.

Buy Lysol cleaner disinfectant

Buy Lysol or any bathroom cleaner disinfectant and spray all over the outside of the toilet including the seat, the toilet top and the trunk. Use paper towels to wipe away the cleaner. Do not use the same brush you used in cleaning the interior of the toilet bowl as this will definitely spread the germs on the seat or on to the exterior of the bowl.

Clean the handle thoroughly

Also, do not forget to clean the handle thoroughly. Spray the handle with the same disinfectant. Remember that the handle can be the source of transmission of germs, so really clean it well.
Include cleaning the tiles and floor surrounding the toiled by using your cleaner and a new brush (separate from the one you used in cleaning the toilet!). After which, spray them with a disinfectant spray. Wipe them clean using a rag or paper towels.

You are now ready to re-place the items that were around the toilet. Rinse them first and wipe them dry with a rag or a paper towel before putting them back. Store cleaning materials you used in cleaning the toilet properly especially cleaning products. Keep them out of reach from children.

Ensure that each member of your family understands how the toilet cleaning checklist works.

If you need to set up a chart designating the task to each member then please do so. It is much easier to do your weekly deep cleaning if the toilet has been maintained properly throughout the week. Ensure that each member of your family plays a part in cleaning the toilet as well as understands how the toilet cleaning checklist works.

It may take a while for everyone to get the hang of it; however in a few weeks you will definitely notice how much easier it is to clean the toilet. It is important that everyone is responsible for picking up their own towels, laundry, and other messes that occur throughout the week. Keep in mind that it is also a good idea to have other family members help out with the weekly cleaning chores as well as the daily chores. Soon you will have a toilet that you will be proud to send unexpected visitors too.

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