What Are The Best Ways To Clean Roman & Roller Blinds?

If you have roman or roller blinds, then at some point you may find that it is time to clean them. Though you may want to keep these blinds clean and well maintained, this is not going to be an easy task. In fact, there are people that actually never mind cleaning their window blinds until they reach a point when they are completely covered in dust. While cleaning roman and roller binds may not be that enjoyable, you can employ the best cleaning methods to have an easy clean. The best cleaning methods will ensure that you clean your roller and roman blinds in an easy, simple and straightforward process. Here are the best ways to clean your window blinds.

Clean Blinds

Check the fabric

Before cleaning your window blinds, the first thing that you may want to do is to find out the kind of fabric that the blinds are made of. This will especially important for roman fabric which come in a wide range of fabric that are quite delicate. Many roman blinds today are usually made of stiffer fabric as compared to that of roller blinds. The fabric care label on the blinds should be able to tell you whether the fabric should be washed with a washing machine, hand washed or should be dry cleaned. If there is no label on the fabric, then it may be advisable to clean the fabric with professionals.

Using light wipe-able cloth

For thick fabric cleaning, cleaning with a wipe able damp cloth should clean the blind without the need of taking it down. This can be done by simply unfolding the blind then fully wiping it with a clean cloth. Make sure that you rinse dirt from the cloth between wipes. The blind should be left to dry before it is pulled up again. Cleaning your fabric this way is going to be helpful since you can clean it regularly. Cleaning your roman or roller fabric this way is also quite advantageous since it is easy to clean.


In case the fabric is somewhat hard, cleaning it with a brush or clean cloth may not really work. You can try cleaning the blind by vacuuming. When using a vacuum to clean your blinds, you must vacuum across the slat pieces of blinds and not against them. Vacuuming against the slats is not the best way to clean them and could even destroy the blinds.

Most vacuums will also have a brush attachment, this is going to work quite well in sucking and gathering dust from the slats. If you do not have a lot of blinds, you can clean all your blinds this way. One downside with using a vacuum is that they could be heavy, it may therefore be difficult to hold them high when trying to clean the blinds.

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is another effective method to clean roller and roman blinds that are not washable. This is through cleaning the bits and parts that are visibly dirty. You can start by vacuuming your blinds, this will remove dust and dirt accumulated at the top of the blinds. Next, you have to mix up a solution of laundry detergent and warm water, use a cleaning agent to effectively clean the blind. Use a sponge or light brush to clean out the visibly dirty spots. You can additionally clean the whole blind this way if you like. When cleaning your roller or roman blinds with this method, just be careful not to over wet it. When through with cleaning it, rinse the blind with clean water.


If the blind fabric accepts traditional washing and are heavily soiled, they can then be washed with a mild detergent or even in a washing machine. Choose a sunny or clear day to be able to wash them and hang them out naturally. It may be a good idea to wash the blind delicately so that you can avoid damaging them.

To make sure that the blinds are cleaned and dried well, choose a sunny or clear day to wash them or hang them out naturally to dry. Also remove all detachable plastic attachments beforehand to clean them well. Always make sure that the roman and roller blinds are washable before choosing the washing method.

Steam cleaning

If the blinds do not tolerate water whatsoever, they can also be steam cleaned. When cleaning them this way, be careful that you do not over clean them. The material could be damped or weaken if over cleaned with this method.

Use professional cleaning companies

If cleaning your roman blinds is somehow complicated, you may choose to pay for the services of a professional cleaning blind company. A company like this will be specialized in cleaning all types of window blinds. You can therefore rely on their services to have your roller and roman blinds cleaned in the best possible way. Such companies have the latest cleaning equipment that range from vacuum cleaners to steam cleaners. The time taken for the blinds to be cleaned and dried is also going to be short with such companies. Additional services such as repairs that could be needed for your blind will also be available.

Before cleaning your blind, test the cleaning method on an inconspicuous spot. This will ensure that the blind will retain its color even after cleaning it this way. Roman and roller blinds should mostly be cleaned though vacuuming or light washing with a light brush or fabric. This is to ensure that they retain their lasting beauty. You may want to avoid cleaning them with concentrated cleaning agents or abrasive solutions. Always make sure that you understand the fabric of your roller or roman blind before cleaning them.

Roman blinds can be made of different materials such as silk, linen, cotton, wood and suede. Subjecting them to regular cleaning quite often will extend their life. Using the above cleaning methods depending on the material will increase the life of the roller and roman blinds significantly. The above cleaning methods will be the best cleaning methods for your roman and roller blinds. By employing the methods today to clean your blinds, you can be sure to clean them effectively and continually maintain them in a remarkable clean condition.

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