What Are The Disadvantages Of Carpet Shampooing?

For most people with carpet flooring in their homes, carpet shampooing is usually one of the best preferred means of cleaning the carpet. Through this method, cleaning chemicals are applied onto the carpet in the form of powder form. They are then integrated deep into the carpet using a specially designed machine and rotating brushes with specially designed bristle. Alternatively, they can be simply let to slip into the carpet by themselves, but this would not be as efficient, and would take much longer. The chemicals are then left to settle in the carpet, killing all germs and bacteria in the meanwhile. They are then sucked out of the carpet using specialized equipment.
While this method may seem pretty efficient at first glance, it carries with it unseen danger and comes with several crucial shortcomings.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Carpet Shampooing?

The disadvantages of carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing comes with several shortcomings crucial to the cleaning process and thus to the inhabitants’ health and comfort. The disadvantages of this method include the following:

• Use of chemicals

This method primarily relies on chemicals to do all the cleaning. The chemicals are designed to be toxic to bacteria and germs which may be residing in the carpet. However, the efficiency of the chemicals depends on the manufacturer. Even more importantly, there are always health concerns to look out for. While the chemicals may be efficient in killing the bacteria and germs, their toxicity may rub off on the inhabitants later.

This is because the machines used may not be as strong enough to guarantee maximum removal of all the chemicals from the carpet flooring. The chemical is then left to dry in the carpet and it may later become airborne, posing a huge threat. The chemical may be inhaled, causing breathing complications and discomfort. It may also come to contact with the skin, causing itching and even rashes in some cases. For pets, severe cases can lead to loss of fur. It may also get into uncovered food and water, further posing more health risks.

• Long

Carpet shampooing also takes quite some time, considering the approach. To get rid of all the germs and bacteria, the chemicals have to be rubbed deep into the carpet. This requires precision to ensure that the chemicals reach deep into the carpet to get rid of all the dirt. They further have to be left to settle and take effect on the bacteria in the carpet, and this may take quite some time. The extraction process also needs to be given sufficient time to ensure maximum extraction of the chemicals, and this just adds further to your waiting time.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Carpet Shampooing?

• Inefficient

The efficiency of carpet shampooing also depends on several factors. For starters, the process is conducted by a cleaning professional. It may be hard to tell whether he/she is certified to work with such crucial chemicals in Singapore. The cleaner also has to be skilled to properly use the equipment, and diligent too to ensure thorough cleaning. This is not guaranteed.The cleaning and extraction process also largely depends on the equipment used. While trying to cut costs, some cleaners may use substandard chemicals and machines to clean the house. This leaves the impression that the house is clean while it still harbors unseen germs and chemicals, posing a great danger to the people and animals living within.

• Expensive

Considering the fact that much of the cleaning process largely depends on manpower and chemicals, the process may be expensive. For starters, you have to ensure that the chemicals used are safe, and this may see you deep a bit deeper into your pocket in Singapore. Some service providers may also charge a lot for the manpower provided, and also for use of the machinery. Considering the fact that this process takes quite some time, charges which are based on hourly rates may be quite high. Furthermore, since it is expensive to buy the equipment rather than own it, the service providers maintain the upper hand in setting prices.


The approach of chemical shampooing to carpet cleaning comes with serious health risks. This is usually primarily because of the safety of the chemicals used. As such, people who intend to clean their carpet flooring through this method should always ensure that only safe and efficient chemicals are used, and that the service providers are professional and certified in Singapore.

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