How Much Does House Cleaning Service Cost in Singapore?

Singapore is a middle-income country, whose population consists of at least 87% of individual earning $2792. The gross income for most households is $9293. Most Singaporeans devote their time to working outside the home. When they have leisure time, instead of spending doing home cleaning, they would rather visit friends and have fun while employing someone to assist them in house cleaning.

House Cleaning service

Outsourcing someone to clean your house is a good way of managing your time. In Singapore, it is affordable even when you living on a tight budget.

There are households that employ domestic workers for daily house cleaning however some households, business, hotels, and offices employ regular cleaning services.

Cleaning services could be

- Weekly
- Bi-Weekly
- Fortnightly
- Monthly.

The cost of cleaning varies from different service agents and the amount of work to be done. For most companies, they charge their services per hour and area of workspace measured in square feet.

Averagely cleaning less than 600sq feet would take 3 hours. For over 600sq feet – 800 sq feet, It would take up to 3 and a half hours. Over 800sq feet – 1100 sq feet would take 4 hours. This is not standard since it could depend on other factors like house condition. For example, cleaning a recently renovated house could take more time.
House cleaning services will mainly compose of:

-Cleaning of Washrooms
-Mopping floors
-Surface cleaning, that is wiping of furniture, stoves, tidying up beds and other surface tops.
-Vacuum cleaning and dusting
-Cleaning of windows and doors
-Emptying garbage tins
-Washing, folding and ironing of clothes
-Air conditioner cleaning and maintenance
-Cleaning of curtains

Other special cleaning services such as carpet cleaning could be arranged by the service providers. Painting is an added activity for some cleaning companies as it helps to make the house have a new look.

Depending on the amount of work, they are different packages offered by different cleaning companies.

The common packages are the 4-hour package and 3-hour packages.

4 Hours Package

The average cost of weekly cleaning that is averagely 4 hours a week with 4 cleaning sessions would cost $375 - $400.

For twice a week cleaning, that is 8 hours with 8 cleaning sessions would cost $ 775 - $ 800

For thrice a week cleaning services which are averagely 12 hours, with 12 cleaning sessions. It would cost $ 1180 - $ 1195

3 Hours Package

This is the minimum package for all cleaning companies.
For weekly cleaning that is in 3 hours, the cost ranges from $340 - $360

For twice a week that is 6 hours a week the cost ranges from $715 - $720

For thrice a week that is 9 hrs the cost range from $1180 - $1190

House Cleaning service


- It’s important to take your time in selecting the best cleaning service provider, who are affordable and deliver quality work.

- Some cleaning services in Singapore charge outrageously high rates for cleaning, that most likely are not necessary and a few customers fall for them.

- Note some cleaning companies in Singapore have invested much on media publicity and public relations while the services they offer are nothing to show by.

- Also, be keen no to incur hidden charges that some cleaning services add upon inspection of the area of cleaning.

While looking for a cleaning services provider, you should consider the following

- Type of cleaning materials, they should be suitable for the work and of good quality.
- Type of equipment used. Consider appropriate, functional and safe equipment.
- The cost, the rates should be affordable. Be careful of very low cheap rates since the companies could be compromising on the services it offers.

Cleaning companies often take advantage of peak time in the year, where they charge slightly above the normal charges. These peak seasons are during New Year’s Eve, Christmas Holidays, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year Periods. During these times they charge an added 20% of normal costs.

There could be additional travel allowances of averagely $8 - $10 per session for locations that are more than 10minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. You will incur more costs if you require cleaning services before 9.00 am and past 6.00 pm and during weekends or on gazetted Singapore public holidays.

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