Tips To Clean Your Office Before Christmas

During the rainy season, you cannot clean any place properly. Deep carpet cleaning is impossible because you can't leave the windows wide open for too long, you can't wash the curtains or upholstery and fabrics usually accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, especially where there are many people - at your office.

Office Cleaning

Choose the Right Time

This project will be successful if you choose adequate time do it. Wait for the proper moment, when this activity won't bring extra tension between your employees. After all your aim is to bond, not to exhaust them.

Distribute the Tasks Equally

Spare few hours during the week and assign them for spring cleaning. Make your employees work in teams and give them different tasks around the office. Let them declutter the cabinets and drawer of their desk, reorder the document cabinets and rearrange the plants. Make sure that every team has a task. Also, don't forget to encourage them to tidy up their desks.

You can even make some project for decoration together - a hand decorated board for notes and pictures for example. This will make your office look fresh and everybody's motivation will increase. Of course, you will still have to hire a professional company to deep clean the carpets and upholsteries, but after you tidied and arranged everything this will be easier.

Below are handy office cleaning tips and tricks that are guaranteed to help you get things done as quickly and efficiently:

Work smart

When you intend to clean your office right before Christmas, be sure to work smart instead of working hard having every employee from the top to bottom, to participate and help with the cleaning duties. To also help you achieve your desired results contact a professional cleaning service.

Office Cleaning

Keep it simple

Trying to juggle several tasks and rooms will more than likely frustrate you, as you won't feel any sense of accomplishment due to the number of incomplete tasks.

Use the right tools

Make sure to have the right cleaning products. And don't forget to wear gloves!

Don't be lazy

The best way to clean things and keep them cleaner for longer is to move them away from walls, off shelves and out of cupboards and to clean the visible and invisible areas and to encourage the other employees to stick to a routine which will help them adapt easily.

Keep it clean

Once you've gone through the effort of eradicating every inch of grease and grime, do your best to keep things clean going forward. Whenever you see a mess, clean it up. This will reduce the amount of work that you need to do the next time you feel obliged to spring clean.

If you just distribute some tasks to your employees this may not work the way you want to. You can set their mood with some inspiring music. Also, it will be a great idea to provide some food and beverage for the event. Chocolate bars, nuts, coffee and tea are very appropriate because they are highly energizing. You can have your coffee together and discuss your tactic before you start.

Office Cleaning

Here are some cleaning tips for your desktop products and solutions:

A vacuum cleaner is your first defence against dust and accumulated mold in your office carpet. Assign a maintenance person to run the vacuum cleaner across the office floor every few days or longer, depending on the size of the office and the number of people in it. This should remove most of the dirt particles that find their way into the carpet by people shoes.

Have a surface cleaning solvent which will help you clean surfaces of the desks, cabinets and workstations. You can use products such as Lysol and Glade. Spray a small amount on a clean cloth and use it to wipe clean surfaces. It's good to spray the solvent directly on desks or tables, but not on electronics or computer surfaces.

Air sanitizers are a must in every office. It's a given that the offices are air-conditioned, but just because a room is an air-conditioned air does not mean it is suitable for breathing. Manufactured air is first and foremost artificial air and nothing artificial and unnatural can be unhealthy. An air disinfection unit will air your problems disappear. While you're at it, throw in a couple of air fresheners to keep it fresh and clean.

You may consider hiring an independent cleaning service if you think that the maintenance of the building is not doing a very good job. Cleaning services are well worth the extra expense if you can find a good one, that is. Then simply program when you want to have the cleaning done and you're all set. Take It Easy.

Each office should be cleaned from time to time. You can not expect your people to work effectively if they are sneezing and scratching all the time the dust on their desks and in their work stations-some people are even allergic to dust.

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